Dear IMCs, Delegates, Chairs, Directors, and Executives,

Kindly find below the links to the 2023 Annual Meeting of Delegates Documents:

Supporting Documents


ICMCI Strategy Opener - Robert Bodenstein

Risk Management TF - Nick Warn

Governance TF Recommendations Implementation - Nick Warn on behalf of Dwight Mihalicz

Marketing Director - Aleksandra Hristov

Future Leaders - Gergana Mantarkova

Asia Pacific Hub - Lydia Goh

Euro Hub - Cesara Pasini

Presentation - IMC Korea - LEE Mi-Kyung

Governance Recommendations - Bylaws - Nick Warn

Secretary Report - Nick Warn

PDSC Report - Celal Seckin

IQA Report - Cristian Welsh

MGDC report - Ruggero Huesler and Norma Shorey

ICMCI Services Inc. - Ruggero Huesler

Treasurer's Report - Tamara Abdel Jaber

2024-2025 Budget Presentation - Reema Nasser

GNC Report - Dwight Mihalicz (Video)


Resolutions Voting Results - 2022-2023

Annual Meeting of Delegates - Minutes of Meeting

2024 Annual Meeting and Conference Announcement

Amended By-laws as approved