The concept of regional Hub meetings has evolved over the years to reflect the growth of CMC-Global and its network. As calls for cooperation within regions that shared similar challenges and cultures arose, and the Hub meetings became the answer to foster cooperative actions between the member IMCs to discuss regional and local issues that may not be perceived relevant on the global scale. Hub meetings are open to all Delegates from IMCs around the globe.

Our Hubs have a status of a working group within CMC-Global, and are expected to:

  • have a close relationship with CMC-Global at a regional level,
  • sustain relationships within the regional stakeholders and identify and source potential corporate sustaining members, and
  • develop awareness of the CMC designation
  • build the number of accredited CMC’s , identify potential candidates for the membership by targeting attendees from non-member IMCs/countries in the region, and also foster new member country-based IMC’s.

Another outcome for regional Hubs, is to foster the skill set/motivation of leadership for succession within the Committees and Board of ICMCI. Candidates for the role of hub chair are generally recruited on the basis of their commitment to implement the objectives of the hub and should gain the endorsement of the CMC-Global Board.

Hub meetings provide IMCs within one region the opportunity for unique face-to-face meetings in the increasingly virtual world we usually conduct our business. The meetings also have many objectives to include educating and assisting IMCs to enhance their operation and offerings to their members. Hub sessions should also assist considerably in the induction process of new delegates, board members, and CEOs for all to be able to fulfill their roles according to the expectations.

Hub Meetings Guidelines Document can be found HERE.

Hub & Hub Chair Development
Hub chairs are encouraged to attend the ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates as observer/participants, and the international conference during their term. Further, Hub Chairs are encouraged to attend other Hub meetings in order to learn & increase quality-level of sharing and learning within the global network. Hub meetings are open to all Delegates from IMCs around the globe.

Sharing IMC & CMC/member experiences, comparing best practices on the level of day to day operations is usually extensive. CMC-Global Board member/ representatives will attend to update the IMCs regarding the CMC-Global activities and initiatives and how those impact IMC day to day operations. These officers can further provide support/coaching to Hub Chairs as required.

The dates of the meetings are established in consultation with Hub area IMCs and CMC-Global. The agenda is developed and facilitated by the Hub Chair, and coordinated with the host country. Normally Hubs are held over two days where the host country may briefly highlight their local initiatives and business opportunities

Hosts of the upcoming meeting are announced and all related details and updates are also communicated to all via our website Events section.