The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) National Consulting Index (NCI) project was initiated in 2017.  The project aims to identify the key conditions which help explain the relative strength of a country’s management consulting sector, and use these data to provide reasonable estimates of any country’s management consulting sector (US$m) where this is not known. 
The 2022 NCI project drew on reference data from Source Global Research and the refinement of the NCI algorithm via regression analysis using data on Gross Domestic Product, with global indices on culture, e-government/technology adoption, corruption, creativity and innovation. 
The 2022 NCI project also benefitted from input from 35 national Institutes of Management Consulting (IMCs) within the ICMCI.  This paper summarises the numerical and qualitative information from the study.  As such it probably represents the world’s most expansive publicly available outline of the global management consulting industry. 
The paper has two parts.  The first shows the numerical data using the NCI formula and data from the respective IMCs.  The second summarises the national trends and dynamics of the management consulting market in these IMC countries.  It is presented as a resource for practitioners and researchers seeking to better understand the management consulting industry around the world.

The full NCI 2022 Edition.