The International CMC Conference is an annual event and considered the preeminent conference for Management Consultants worldwide. Through this conference, CMC-Global seeks to network top consultants across countries/regions and disperse knowledge of leading consulting practices & concepts world-wide.

The conference is hosted and managed by one of our country-based Institutes of Management Consulting (IMC’s), with the support of CMC-Global; and is attended by management consultants across all sub-specialties. This includes those who are new to or students who want to join the profession, as well as individual CMCs that are advanced in the profession and want to contribute to their professional development, plus leaders of CMC-Firms or Accredited Consulting Practices.

Diversity of attendees is supported in the design of the event session streams during the conference, with the many presentations and breakout sessions led and facilitated by renowned thought-leaders and exemplary consulting practitioners worldwide.

Determination of location is dependent on IMC bid assessment criteria, that looks to strategically enhance membership, grow the CMC designation brand recognition and build annual programme attendance.

International CMC Conference Guidelines Document can be found HERE.

Conference Design
The conference usually spans three days and is generally structures as follows:
1st day – Focus on international business dynamics and evolving clients expectations
2nd day – Consultants talking to consultants – issues, trends, leading practices
3rd day – Master-classes and workshops for CMCs – with professional development as a core objective.

Content and session style is developed to address topics/practice enhancements that follow the annual overall theme and expected outcomes for each day.

The conference also works to enhance our knowledge of where the Management Consulting sector is evolving into the future, and assuring Management Consultants can deliver on the ever-advancing customer demands to provide ‘current’ knowledge and proven techniques that address future needs.

The Constantinus International Award
Usually held as part of a Gala Dinner one evening, we pay tribute to all those consultants and clients that earned the honour of being finalists for the Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards. The Constantinus Award promotes excellence in consulting services worldwide, and highlights the dynamic partnership between provider and client for the benefit of both the business sector and community in general.

Global Conference Sponsorship
Conference Sponsorship packages are announced in advance and are offered to all within the CMC-Global community, including our Corporate Sustaining Members.
(Please contact if you are interested)

The event ends with the announcement of the dates and location of the next year’s event and short presentation by the upcoming conference host.
Detailed information is also communicated to all via our website Events section.

List of previous conference locations.

2025 Call for Proposals Document