A Mark of Distinction

CMC-Global, the global association of national management consulting institutes, has initiated the Constantinus International Award in order to promote excellence in consulting services worldwide.

The dynamic branch of management consulting is an important sparring partner for businesses and entrepreneurs - especially, when precise expertise and efficient implementation of measures are in demand. "Naturally, the quality of the consulting sector relies heavily on the innovative strengths of the consultants themselves. This is why CMC-Global has initiated the Constantinus International Award in order to give a prominent stage to all the excellent accomplishments of the branch", states the chairperson of CMC-Global.

The international award showcasing excellence in consulting
Having launched the award in 2011, CMC-Global has since then actively promoted the award among all its member institutes, and has awarded many companies for their projects.
The mark of the award assesses both delivery (consulting firms) and beneficiary (clients) each for their role in carrying out the project and implementing its findings. Making it the only international award in that perspective.

The award highlights complete partnership between provider and client for the benefit of the business community in general.
Award process:

  • A binding commitment from the IMC as all applications are received via the representing national institute.
  • All participating Institutes have the opportunity to name 3 national nominations (outstanding management consulting projects that have been chosen by a national jury or have won a national award).
  • Online applications by the nominees.
  • Each participating Institute has to name two jury members.
  • Finally, the award ceremony will take place at the Annual CMC-Global (ICMCI) International Conference.

Above aspects insure fair representation globally. Being nominated already implies signal recognition and merits publicity in itself as all nominees have the right to publicize themselves as:
"Constantinus International - The CMC-Global Consulting Award: Nominee 20xx".

The Award Brochure can be downloaded by clicking on below image

The Award Promotional Video can be viewed by clicking HERE

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