Sustaining Credibility     Good decisions come from experience; experience comes from bad decisions     Mind the gap     For corporate business to prosper, the stakeholders they serve must also prosper     Our clients are the main character of our story     Remember your clients are your promoters     Keep in mind that your best achievement is your client’s success     If we want to add value to others, we must first have value to add     Lifelong learning is our mantra; acumen honing is our mantle     Without the right strategy, we could be efficiently doing the wrong things RIGHT!     How to win clients?     If thoughts get stuck in your throat, don’t swallow     Consulting Value is in the eyes of the Beholders     Change Management as a mindset     Without genuine care, success is bare     Defining the right question to be answered is key     The most important question you can ask as a consultant is "Why?"     How can you be more future-ready?     Technology     Nomadic Mindset and Adaptive Thinking     Technical Knowledge and Expertise     Know the Direction of Travel     Power of Networking     "Scope Creep" in consulting     Skills go well beyond the technical aspects of giving advice     International Networks are a Must     Getting it Right is the Price of Winning in the Future     Extra Effort will Pay Back Wthout Exception     Have the Appropriate Advice for the Specific Organisation     Collaboration is Key - ICMCI Insights