Advancing our Profession Worldwide
CMC-Global has defined a number of guideposts on a regular basis to align Board, Staff, Working Committees, IMC Delegates and volunteers as we work together to advance our management consulting profession.

Vision (Where we are headed in the next 5 years)

To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

Mission (What our organization does day-to-day)

To build the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally.

Professional Code of Conduct
To reach our vision and attain our goals, we strive for social and economic success, and base our actions throughout our network on our Professional Code of Conduct:

  • Serve the Interests of Client
    • Act in accordance with all laws and legislation
    • Engage in projects only that are in the best interests of the client and avoiding the encouragement of unrealistic client expectations
    • Ensure that the scope, deliverables, timings and costs of consulting support are clear and agreed before starting work
    • Carry out assignments effectively and with due care
    • Maintain communication with the client and keeping the client adequately informed on assignment progress
    • Provide sound advice and guidance to clients
  • Transparency of Representation
    • Be open and honest about qualifications, skills and experience, and only accepting work which they are competent to perform
    • Declare to the client any factors that may affect their independence or objectivity - such as commission payments or other remuneration from a third party in connection with recommendations to the client, or financial interest in any goods or services which form part of those recommendations
    • Identify and disclose to the client any conflicts of interest and resolving these with the client
    • Specify and agree with the client any work to be sub-contracted and ensuring that sub-contracted consultants abide by the same code of conduct as the consultant
  • Professional Behaviour
    • Treat client information as confidential and respecting the confidentiality of information from any source
    • Neither take personal advantage from privileged information gathered during an assignment, nor enable others to do so
    • Act with courtesy and respect to clients, employees and professional colleagues
    • Assure that personal conduct does not call into question whether the consultant is a fit and proper person to carry on the profession of management consulting

Introduction to ICMCI Presentation covering Vision, Mission, and Values as well as Achievements can be viewed HERE.

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