Academic Fellows of CMC-Global are professors (also assistant/associate/adjunct professors) whose research and/or teaching of internal or external management consulting at a publicly accredited university is deemed by peer reviews to be of a particularly worthy level of excellence. The ICMCI Academic Fellow designation is intended to be a mark of distinction which recognises academic practitioners from around the world who have contributed to the study and teaching of management consultancy. It will be awarded by ICMCI to suitably qualified individuals based upon the recommendation of the local IMC.

This outreach initiative by CMC-Global and its country Institutes of Management Consulting is designed to build a closer link between Academia and the professional body, enhance exposure of the CMC designation to students, and to develop the intellectual capital of the global CMC community.

Benefits to the CMC community include:

  • The engagement of a valuable stakeholder group that will add new perspectives and insights within your management consulting community. There will be the expectation that the Academic Fellow will demonstrate tangible on-going involvement with the management consulting profession. 
  • Increased awareness and profile for your IMC at the Academic Fellow’s educational institution.
  • Increased membership through the potential development of management consulting streams within MBA or related Masters programs which could lead to award of the CMC credential upon suitable demonstration of knowledge and competence. 
  • Pragmatic contributions to debates within your IMC on academic matters, including annual conferences where Academic Fellows and other related academics can profile their research and teaching best practices.

Benefits to the Academic fellows include:

  • Academic and professional profile arising from the appointment along with international peer recognition.
  • Publication opportunities for their research via ICMCI channels.
  • Invitations to conferences and meetings with the opportunity to showcase their applied research and publications.
  • Support for appropriate research projects within the management consulting field, in terms of providing industry contacts and primary research respondents, along with endorsement of funding applications.
  • Support for major student projects through CMC client introductions or directly for CMC practitioners.
  • Once recognized, the ability to use the post nominal designation CMC-AF.

The Appointment Process:

  1. Identifying Suitable Candidates by IMC’s
    We expect that country IMC’s will consult with colleagues within their own IMC organization to scan the academic landscape for suitable candidates – potential candidates should be contacted at this stage to assure interest and provision of required application data.

    In providing IMC nomination, the following nomination and acceptance Criteria will apply:

1. To be accepted as a CMC-Global Academic Fellow, a candidate must either:

a. Hold a position at an accredited university and have been engaged in research or teaching within the external or internal management consulting field for a minimum of five years; or
b. Be a practising CMC who has held a part-time teaching position at an accredited university and taught for a minimum of five years in a specialty area relevant to professional management consulting or
c. In the opinion of the faculty Chair, have contributed significantly through published work to management consulting practice. 

2. A nominee for a CMC Academic Fellowship must accept their nomination and commit to the following:

a. Each year, a CMC Academic Fellow should:

i) Prepare, have accepted, and present a research-based paper on a topic relevant to professional management consulting at an ICMCI conference or event; or

ii) Publish a peer-reviewed paper on a topic relevant to professional management consulting in a recognised academic journal; or

iii) Submit and have accepted one article on professional management consulting practice for inclusion in the ICMCI newsletter.

b. To be an ambassador for ICMCI and support ICMCI’s efforts to identify trends in management consulting and market size in the country of their residence.

c. To continue in a role that would entitle them to be accepted as a CMC Academic Fellow.

3. The panel will review the status of each CMC-Global Academic Fellow triennially.

  1. Submitting IMC Nomination(s)
    Once suitable candidates have been identified, please notify Reema Nasser with a copy to Simon Haslam CMC who is coordinating this process as the Chair of the AF Panel. You should submit the following information with your nomination:
  • The candidate name; their position, and their academic institution. 
  • Their academic track record, such as management consulting classes taught; published academic papers and/or books; conference presentations; management consulting engagements/retainers; related industry seminars. 
  • Sources of on-line information that is available about the candidate, such as their individual website or LinkedIn address or university profile/biography. Their email address is also a must. 
  • Your assessment of the candidate’s demonstrated involvement with the management consulting profession and how they might contribute through their Academic Fellowship.
  1. Selection Process
  • Nominations together with the supporting information will then be forwarded to the ICMCI Academic Fellowship Panel who will assess the suitability of the candidate for ICMCI Academic Fellow. The decision will usually be one of provisional approval, rejection, or possibly deferment if the candidate is considered to have insufficient experience at present.
  • If the candidate is provisionally approved, by the Academic Fellowship Panell and then the ICMCI Board, the nominating IMC will be notified. They should then contact the nominated candidate to ascertain their potential acceptance pending final approval by Board. A copy of the suggested communication to the candidate is detailed in Appendix 2.
  • The IMC should then inform the ICMCI Secretariat whether the candidate has accepted the award.
  • On being so informed, confirmation of the award is provided by the Academic Fellowship Panel (via Board) and advised to the IMC who, in turn, advises the successful candidate with a suitable certificate/letter and concurrent press release. The appointment term will last for the duration of the Academic Fellow’s involvement in management consulting academe.

Current Academic Fellows

The current Directory of ICMCI-AF is as follows: