The CMC-Firm Programme provides international recognition and marketing for approved firms that both commit to and are assessed as to providing management consulting services to CMC standards. CMC-Global will create and promote a global directory of CMC-Firms.

This differs from our ACP designation which certifies consulting practices as actively recruiting, training and advancing the practices of their consultants all to a CMC standard – assessed on a national basis. ACP designated firms may also present candidates for CMC certification. ACP firms may also wish to become part of the CMC-Firm programme.

A candidate CMC-Firm submits their application and has access to the program information from their head-office national institute of Management Consulting. The national IMC will vouch for the reputation and presence of duly certified CMC’s within the firm’s employment.
The application is passed on to CMC-Global which will then manage the remainder of the application, fee collection, appraisal and approval process,

Areas of Appraisal

  1. Commitment of Firm to Professional Code of Conduct
  2. Code of Ethics & professional conduct evidence in Firm processes
  3. Consideration in selecting and hiring new consultants
  4. Use of consultant performance evaluations and reporting by clients
  5. Commitment of Firm to core competencies, skills and tools
  6. Supervision, mentoring and provision of feedback to consultants
  7. Minimum number of CMC’s in the Firm

CMC-Firm pays an initial appraisal/application fee, this covers the costs of appraisal by CMC-Global appraisers, and an annual membership/renewal fees. Fees below are in € Euros.


1. Re-appraisal every 3 years is included in the annual fee.
2. Online Interview Applicant may ask for an in-house interview and bear related costs.
3. In-House interview costs are related to travel (economy class) and accommodation for at least one appraiser for 2 days.

ACP firms breaching into the CMC-Firm status pays an annual registration/renewal fee. Fees below are in € Euros.

Note: ICMCI uses PPP (Purchasing Powr Parity) for the different clasifications of countries (to know your country’s classification, please visit the following link which includes the December 2016 latest report (Excel downloadable file):



Current CMC-Firms
The current Directory of CMC-Firms is as follows:


Country CMC-Firm
Ireland The International Development Ireland (IDI) Ltd
The Netherlands WagenaarHoes
The Netherlands Twynstra Gudde Holding BV
The Netherlands Andersson Elffers felix b.v. (AEF
The Netherlands JBR Organisatie-adviseurs B.V.
The Netherlands Leeuwendaal
Iran Kayen Samaneh Co.
China Beijing Tonghe Zhicheng 
Hospital Management Consulting CO., LTD.
Italy ROI Team Consultant Srl
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