The affairs of CMC-Global are controlled by its Assembly of Delegates which consists of all the Delegates of the full Members. The Assembly of Delegates meet annually in the Annual Meeting of Delegates – usually tied to our Annual CMC Conference - with the date of the meeting being announced six months prior to the meeting.

Annual Meeting Procedures and Elements
The meeting itself is governed according to the CMC Global by-laws, and it is expected that the elected Board reports the organization’s achievement against their plan – for review and approval by the Delegates.

Another important component of the Annual meeting is the discussion of key international community issues, concerns and/or policies. Key topics for engagement of country-IMC delegates are developed in advance by the Board but also can be submitted in advance by any registered Delegate.

Any major decision or policy adoption confirmed by a majority of the Assembly of Delegates is then carried out by the officers of the organization – through ICMCI staff and volunteer committees/resources.

Global Networking and Relationship-building
This annual meeting also holds other benefits, as it offers the member IMC Delegates the opportunity to network and exchange experiences, best practices, new systems and methodologies at a global level. It also offers the opportunity for all member IMCs to be updated with the activities and offer the platform to discuss global scale issues. Working Committees of ICMCI may also choose to have a rare face-to-face meeting during this time, to advance the work of their committee.

The Annual meeting also offers new officials, delegates, chairs, executives, and directors a good means of introduction into the ICMCI community, their new role and the responsibilities, as well as building an understanding of expectations of their involvement in ICMCI.

Meeting Schedule and Elements
Typically the meeting is held over one day consecutive to the International CMC Conference where the host country would get the chance to highlight their local offering and business opportunities.

Morning – Key Topics of Dialogue, Policy exploration,  Common IMC Issues
Afternoon – Policy resolutions/development/finalization
Late Afternoon – Annual General Meeting & Board-Delegates Accountability

Hosts of the upcoming meeting are announced at the closing of the business meeting, and all related announcements and updates are also communicated to all via our website Events section.

The Annual Meeting of Delegates Guidelines Document can be found HERE.

List of previous meeting locations.