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ICMCI Board Update

Dear Friends,
Thank you to all of our Member IMCs and their Delegates for electing me as Chair of ICMCI (now branded as CMC-Global) at our annual meeting in Milan this past October. It is a great honor and privilege to lead this organization with its noble objectives 

CMC Toolkit

CMC’s who did not attend this year’s CMC Conference in Milan, Italy may benefit from viewing a few of the Conference sessions listed below:

Opening Lecture - Keynote
The Global 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development: a must to save the world

Trends, needs and key questions - Keynotes
How creative thinking, disruptive and (un) friendly innovation impact on CxOs agendas Presentation  Global C-suite study report

New Paradigms in Social environment and urban life

Trends in sustainable technologies

IMCs Experts Interventions
Theme: The educational immigration within Europ. Denmark as a country focused on sustainability training   

Theme: Developing Excellence in Management Consulting 

IMCs Experts Interventions
Theme: Employee Health & Wellbeing is the foundation for a Sustainable Future - Transforming Wellbeing by leveraging the digital revolution 

Theme: How to activate your client organization through "Kaizen" 

More sessions can be viewed at:


ICMCI - upBOARD potential new online platform for consultants 

CMC's are invited to check-out the platform and let ICMCI know of their interest HERE


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Improving Executive & Board Decision-Making!

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Many leaders risk possible big losses to avoid the certainty
 of modest loss in personal prestige or respect”
- Daniel Ellsberg.

“On time, right quality, reasonable cost – pick two of the three!”

Over the years, Decision Making has become one of the most often requested topics for information, insight and/or development solutions from our consulting practice. This started me wondering! Why has decision making captured so much interest, and what lies behind these requests for assistance?

CEOs who Fail to Set Context Fail their Organizations 

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Imagine this situation: you’re at work, doing your job when your boss walks up to your desk. He says he wants you to take the stairs to the 40th floor.

You’re confused, but you oblige — after all, it’s a request from the boss. However, on the 39th floor, he calls you and tells you he now needs you to take the elevator to the lobby. Not only does he not let you finish the task he gave you previously but now wants you moving in a completely different direction, using different means.

Do you want to be that kind of boss?

Feature YOUR Knowledge/Experience in a CMC Today Article!

Calling all CMC's and leading-edge consulting practicioners!

Will you take up the challenge?




Check-out our Past Articles! 

CMC colleagues from across our 48 Member Institutes have contributed articles to CMC Today that are beneficial both to other CMC’s, as well as clients. These are collected in our Publications section of the CMC-Global website and organized to the following sections:

Find our past articles HERE

  • Academic Fellows Papers
  • Business Processes; Innovation: Productivity; Quality
  • Governance and Board of Directors
  • Leadership; Management; Financials
  • Information Technology; Organizational Effective Systems and Software
  • Human Resources & Training
Caught in the Action!

From the 2018 Annual Meeting and 6th International CMC Conference, Milan, Italy

  Conference Committee Members of APCO cut the cake at the Gala Dinner celebrations, to coincide with their 50th anniversary!  

For more photos from Milan events follow the links below:

CMC International Conference

Annual Meeting of Delegates 2018

CMC International Conference Networking

CMC International Conference Gala Dinner

Constantinus International Awards 2018

CMC-Firm Awardees 2018

CMC International  Conference Flag Ceremoney

CMC International Conference Host Companies 

Nassau, Bahamas 2019
  Nassau, Bahamas 2019  

The Bahamas to host CMC-Global Annual Meeting of Delegates/ CMC International Conference in 2019

CMC-Global announced, at last month’s Milan Conference, that the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) will be hosting CMC-Global Annual meeting of Delegates and CMC International Conference.  The scheduled dates are October 15-18 and Nassau, Bahamas is the Host City.  

CICMC’s president, Donald Demeritte, upon accepting the award during the ‘flag passing ceremony’, at the Milan Conference, expressed CICMC’s appreciation for such a prestigious award.  He told delegates that CICMC views the conference as an opportune time to expose key Caribbean stakeholders to the CMC-Global network, its global resourcing capabilities and ability to contribute to the region’s growth.


IMC Share Zone

IMC Austria – Digitization Study of SME’s 


IMC Denmark Achieves AMCC Designation for their Education for Management Consultants (EMC) Program. 

5 New Academic Fellows  
One from Canada
, The Caribbean, Singapore and 2 from Italy.


IMC India Newsletter  


IMC Jordan Newsletter  

  CMC-Firm from Italy Comments on why they went for the CMC-Firm designation    
  CMC-Firm from China China’s First CMC-Firm – Their Story!    
ICMCI Committee Reports


All Winners:
Participant: BDC Advisory Services / Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) 

Participant: Pierre Cormier, Cheryl Lockhart, Keleigh Cormier (Clearthink Group)
Participant: TDV Global Inc.

ISO20700:2017 2nd ICMCI Checklist Training
  Consulting Readiness Index Report   

January 31, 2019
The ICMCI Annual Meeting and Conference RFP 2020  Announcement Date


April 11-12, 2019
Euro Hub Meeting
Bucharest - Romania


May 27-28, 2019
Asia Pacific Hub Meeting
Tokyo - Japan

July 2019
July 31, 2019
Constantinus International Awards 2019 Submission Deadline


October 2019
October 15-18, 2019
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and 7th International CMC Conference
Nassau - Bahamas


2018 CMC Today Publishing Schedule & Themes

Please submit articles, photos, business exchange requests, etc., addressing the theme of each issue, by the 10th day of the first of the two Publishing Months to:

Click HERE to get a copy of the CMC Today Article Criteria. Failure to submit your article according to these criteria may cause your article to be rejected.

Quick Quiz

This Month’s quick quiz is based on our Human Resources & Training Theme and the various articles and other content in this month’s issue of CMC Today.  

Q1 - Good decision-making in consulting or management also requires exercising of good judgement. But what is good judgement in the eyes of one may not be so good in the eyes of the other. Which aspects are most important to you in evaluating good judgement:

  1. Values supported
  2. Outcomes achieved
  3. Proper process followed
  4. Multi-dependency variables considered.
  5. Risks mitigated.

Q2 - Risk Management in decision-making has many trade-offs to consider which of the following trade-offs. Which ones are you most comfortable or experienced in handling:

Video Blog

This month’s videos address the theme of HR Management, Training, Performance Management, and the Future of Work!

21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari & Google Talks (Recommended!)
[Best selling book] [Keynote Speech

HR Lessons from the world of Silicon Valley – TED Talk – Patty McCord (Fun!)

HR’s Essential Role in the New World of Work – Deloitte, Josh Bersin

Digital HR Trends & Futures – Deloitte, Josh Bersin

Strategic HR vs. Traditional HR – Prof Ipshita Bansal, BPS Womens University, India

The (Uncomfortable )Truth of HR and Leadership Development – Patrick Vermren, Belgium (Important for consultants!)

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