1. IMC-Jordan have called for a meeting on 10-7-2018 with International Donors operating in financing projects for private sectors stakeholders in Jordan, at  Amman Chamber of Industry. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the IMC Jordan and its role in supporting the consultancy and training profession as well focusing on the accreditation such as the CMC & CMC-firm; also we have concentrated on the benefits of IMC membership to all parties.

The meeting included the discussion of:

  • Organizing and regulating consulting sector in Jordan.
  • IMC role in ensuring the organization and accreditation of consultants and consulting companies. 
  • The importance of accrediting consultants and consulting companies in Jordan with CMC and CMC firm certifications in order to ensure the consistency of the quality and good value of outcome . 
  • The importance and benefits to the Business Service providers ( companies and individuals).
  1. The Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprises (JADE) has called for a meeting on 4-9-2018 in Amman; JADE is one of the European Union initiatives to support Jordan Business development. 

JADE is considering the deal with BDS in Jordan who are accredited with CMC Firm; IMC Jordan Participated in this meeting in order to explain for the BDS’s the importance and benefits of becoming members of IMC and the relation with ICMCI ; the participation came in the context of IMC continuous efforts for organizing and regulating consulting sector in Jordan.

The meeting focused on IMC presentation as an organization , criteria of membership and the procedures, further discussion with JADE and the BDS (Business Service Providers)  about IMC role, CMC certifications for both individuals and companies, accreditation process and its vital role in improving and organizing consulting and training profession in Jordan. 

Based on this meeting, we expected that Business Service Providers will start certification process for both CMC firms-individuals to fulfill JADE requirements.

  1. IMC organized a lecture about “The Future of Management Consulting “ on 29-9-2018 in Amman Chamber of Industry. Invitation was sent to many individuals and organizations in different areas of business.

Several subjects have been discussed in the lecture including the organization of consulting sector in line with the latest changes in information technology, business and economy. 
This lecture has been the 1st in a series of lectures that will be followed as: 

  • Ethics of the Training profession and code of Conduct.
  • Success Factors and Challenges of implementing ERP Systems.
  1. A Workshop of 16 hours was held for consultants aiming for CMC certification in IMC premises over a period from 6 -15/8/2018.

We expect to carry more of this workshop before the end of this year.