Thank you to all of our Member IMCs and their Delegates for electing me as Chair of ICMCI (now branded as CMC-Global) at our annual meeting in Milan this past October. It is a great honor and privilege to lead this organization with its noble objectives.

I was impressed with the excellent sharing of information by everyone attending the Annual Meeting. I loved the discussions about the successes we have had, but also about the challenges we are facing and how we can collaborate as a federation to overcome them. As I said in my acceptance speech, we can and will be recognized as the global spokesperson for management consulting and, as we detail in our strategic vison, we will be the leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

Our Annual Meeting was followed by the CMC International Conference. Yet another very successful event. I was impressed with the calibre of speakers and the wealth of information that participants had available to them. Our next conference will be held in Nassau Bahamas, October 15-17. Be sure to mark these dates in your calendars. This is the must attend professional development event of the year for all CMCs.

Looking forward, our focus at the global board level will be on building on the successes of my predecessors. What I do for a living is help clients implement strategy successfully. I help organizations avoid the pitfalls that lead to wasted resources and failed initiatives. What we have to do now as a global institution is focus on updating our strategy to reflect the input of our IMCs, and then focus on implementing it. 

I will be continuing the collaborative approach meetings implemented by Sorin Caian, our immediate past Chair. I am not sure yet exactly what form that will take, but one element will be relatively informal emails such as these to keep in touch with each other. Please feel free to reply with any thoughts or questions you may have.

The coming term will be very exciting, and I am looking forward to collaborating with you!


Dwight W. Mihalicz, MBA FCMC
Board Chair, ICMCI