ISO20700:2017 2nd ICMCI Checklist Training


ISO 20700: Guidelines for management consultancy services was published on 1 June 2017, after a three-year development project led by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI).

ICMCI since then established the checklist that covers the processes and stages as included in the standard guidelines and developed the training to enable its Member Institutes to deliver the training to their respective members and professionals.

The first training was held in Kiev in June of 2018, and the second was also successfully held in Milan in October of 2018. Now ICMCI has 19 of its Member countries accredited to deliver the checklist training. Further training sessions will take place during 2019 In Bucharest, Tokyo, and Nassau.

Trained trainers provided great feedback, Dwight Mihalicz, CMC, Chair of ICMCI and trainer for the CMC-Global Institute said “ISO 20700 is an amazing product. For the first time, there is a standard that documents the guidelines for the critically important interactions between a management consultant and the client who is receiving the services. The CMC-Global training program provides a checklist for management consultants, and a user-friendly way of understanding how best to use the standard in real-life situations”.

Mairead Fernandez Mccann, CMC trained to deliver the training on behalf of our Member in the UK said “The ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Service Training was an excellent course. Nick is a very experienced trainer and ensures he gets the best training experience for the group through his facilitative training style by encouraging the groups prior experience to strengthen the learning.  The training enables an excellent grounding for me to understand the professional standard, to improve awareness, improve my ability to deliver training and provide guidelines for a successful implementation.

Brenda Pope, CMC who will be delivering the training on behalf of our Member in the Caribbean said “The ISO 20700 guideline and training is an important cog in every serious consultants' toolkit. Widespread use will go a long way to bringing rigour to all levels of consulting interventions. The practical approach and comprehensive checklist recognise and take cognizance of differences in assignments of every size; while the interactive nature of the sessions makes the learning experience richer, with everyone benefiting from other participants' experiences and perspectives"

All addressed the training, delivery, and mainly the benefit to the profession, professionals, and clients. Cristian Welsh Miguens, CMC who will train on behalf of our member in Brazil highlighted the benefit to the clients of our profession by saying “ISO20700 is finally addressing a very important issue: a reference for clients to guide them through the whole process of engagement and control of a management consulting project. It is a tool to bring awareness to clients on how to get value from a consulting engagement”.

Celal Seckin, CMC of the member institute in Turkey added that this is beneficial for the management consulting institutes by highlighting: “ISO 20700 Check List Training has a key role in deploying the ISO Standard for Management Consultancy Services and establishing a common understanding amongst consultants. Furthermore, learning and messages from this training will support consultants and MC associations in establishing a structured and comprehensive approach on how to select and benefit from consultancy services. Thanks to ICMCI for organising such a fundamental and value-adding training to the profession and industry.”

Devised to aid both consultants and their clients, ISO 20700 is based on good practice from the management consultancy industry around the world and includes recommendations to improve the specification, execution, acceptance and closure of management consultancy services by improving transparency, and understanding in any consultancy project to achieve better business results, while encouraging consultants to use their own methods and approaches to maintain their differentiation and encourage their innovation. This was the main contribution provided by ICMCI Executive Director, Reema Nasser at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD conference held in November 2018 in Cairo.


Established in 1987, the International Council of Management Consultancy Institutes (ICMCI) is a worldwide network of over 50 national management advisory and consultancy associations.  Its mission is to be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.
ICMCI, also known as CMC-Global, has Special Consultative Status as an NGO at the United Nations and governs the international Certified Management Consultant designation for professional Management Consultants -

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