Denmark’s Education for Management 
Consultants Program (EMC) 

Now AMCC designated


The Accredited Management Consulting Course (AMCC) designation is granted by CMC-Global to a higher education institution or commercial training provider in recog-nition of a course offering that meets CMC-Global’s standards for excellence, and co-vers content compatible with the CMC Professional Body of Knowledge and ongoing enhancement of professional practice.

The Education for Management Consultants (EMC) program is approved in Den-mark with CMC-Denmark as the provider and program owner.
You can see the homepage for approved providers.

AMCC advantages

  • Demonstrated alignment with CMC Global, the world’s largest Professional Management Consultant association 
  • Certification holders (CMC certified Consultant’s), have it easier to maintain the certificate
  • Qualifications are verified before acceptance and yearly thereafter through CMC-Global’s quality review process
  • Verified focus of courses and learning outcomes
  • Trainers must be current in learning methods and must continuously enhance their skills
  • Courses must be current and aligned to the latest CMC-Global Standards
  • Demonstrated continuous improvement of courses based on student feedback
  • Permission to use the CMC-Global AMCC logo in relation to the specified en-dorsed course
  • Listing on the CMC-Global website
  • Invitations to appropriate CMC-Global events
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas with other AMCC providers

Standards for passing the AMCC
Standards for achieving the AMCC designation are derived from a combination of the CMC-Global Competency Framework, ISO 17011 and ISO 17024. The Trainers in the program must also be approved. Standard requirements are, that they have been through a formal Train the Trainer program and they are Certified Management Con-sultants (CMC’s). 

CMC-Global will embed reviews of the monitoring of these standards as part of the triennial IMC assessment. Thus, only full members of CMC-Global will be able to offer the AMCC designation. 

CMC-Global Competency Framework 

The CMC Global Competency Framework consist of 3 main areas and 8 sub-areas. See figure. 
The 8 sub-areas are divided into 39 Competence definitions, where assessment crite-ria’s is defined for every competence.




EMC Competence Framework  
When we create the EMC competency framework, we took the out-set in CMC-Global Competency  Framework, ISO/EN standards, other Industry standards from ex. UK and USA and Customer surveys from 7 countries.
So, the CMC Global is a superset for the EMC Competency Framework.

The EMC Global Competency Framework consist of 3 main areas and 17 sub-areas. The 17 sub-areas are divided into 41 Competence definitions, where assessment cri-teria’s is defined for every competence.

Mapping of CMC-Global Competency Framework and Education for Management Consultants Program  
We have done a mapping of the EMC Education for Management Consultants with the CMC-Global Competency Framework to secure that we are compliant with the re-quirements. 



Author: Steen Vierø Petersen, Bachelor and MDM in Management, CMC and PMP Certi-fied. Source for this article is the 

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