CMC International Conference Brochure

Welcome Addresses
- Cesara Pasinin, CMC - Chair APCO
- Sorin Caian, CMC - Immediate Past Chair ICMCI (CMC-Global)

Institutional Authorities
- Umberto Bellini - Vice president of Confcommercio Milano and Chair Asseprim - National Association of Professional Services for Enterprises
- Marco Valerio Morelli - Chair Confindustria Assoconsult and CEO of Mercer Italia

Opening Lecture - Keynote
The Global 2030 Agenda for sustainable Development: a must to save the world
- Enrico Giovannini - Economist, Professor in Economics and Statistics - University Tor Vergata Rome, Spokesperson of ASviS - The Italian Alliance for Sustatinable Development

Trends, needs and key questions - Keynotes

How creative thinking, disruptive and (un) friendly innovation impact on CxOs agendas (Presentation and Video)
- Peter J Korsten - Global Leader Thought Leadership and Eminence, Institute for Business Value IBM - The Netherlands

New Paradigms in Social environment and urban life
- Maria Chiara Pastore - Urban Architect, Director of Research Division at Studio Boeri (Designer of Vertical Forest)

Trends in sustainable technologies
- Guglielmo Lanzani - Head of the Center for Nano Science and Technology of the Italian Institute of Technology, Profession in Phyysics - Politecnic University of Milan

Panel One | Best Practices now and tomorrow in Education & Training
Moderated by Enrico Sassoon - Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Business Review Italy
Theme: how we are teaching sustainability - the influence of creative thinking, digital revolution, friendly and disruptive innovation

- Andreas Klemer - Director of Training, International Training Cenre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO)
Theme: How the interntional training centre of the ILO educates and trains adults on sustainability

- Maria Cristina Messa - Rector of University Bicocca Milan, Representative of RUS- Rete delle Universita per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Network of 50 Italian Universities for Sustainable Development)
Theme: How the RUS spreads the culture and good practices of sustainability, both inside and outside the universities

IMCs Experts Interventions

- Julia Karmaz Larsen - CEO & Partner, ABM VIP Consulting, Global Business Advisory-Denmark
Theme: The educational immigration within Europ. Denmark as a country focused on sustainability training

- Calvert Markham CMC - Director, Cenre for Management Consulting Excellence - United Kingdom
Theme: Developing Excellence in Management Consulting

Panel Two | Best Practices now and tomorrow in Companies and Consulting
Moderated by Francesco D'Aprile, CMC, past Chair of CMC-Global/ICMCI
Theme: how we are Implementing sustainability through creative thinking, digital revolution, friendly and disruptive innovation

- Silvio Pietro Angori - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Pininfarina S.p.A. - Italy
Theme: Lesson from rise, all and rescue of a global design brand

- Yu Zhand, "Simon" - Co-President Shanghai eBPM Consulting Co. Ltd - China
Theme: How the creative and disruptive thinking improve the sustainability in China

- Wei Ji, "Jerry" - Market Advisor at HeMa, Alibaba Group - China
Theme: Introducing HeMa, the best new retail practice in China (Presentation and Video)

IMCs Experts Interventions

- Andrea Ristle CMC and Slava Hovart CMC - Partners of Heart2business GmbH & CoKG - Austria and Slovenia
Theme: Employee Health & Wellbeing is the foundation for a Sustainable Future - Transforming Wellbeing by leveraging the digital revolution

- Yutaka Fukuyama "Joe" CMC - Director, HR-Services Division of ChuSanRen (Central Japan Industries Association) - Japan
Theme: How to activate your client organization through "Kaizen"

Moderated by Cesara Pasini CMC - Chair APCO and Dwight Mihalicz CMC- Chair CMC-Global/ICMCI

Parallel Sessions - Workshops

Strategy & Organization for Making a Sustainable World
Company: Geico Taikisha

World-leading company in the design and construction of turnkey automated systems for the painting of the car bodies of the main manufacturers
Session Leader: Mario Gibertoni CMC - President of StudioBase, Management Consulting Company - Italy

Environment, Creating Shared Value (CSV) Approach and Innovation
Company: Enel

Multinational energy company and one of the main global integrated operators in the electricity and gas sectors, operating in 34 countries of 5 continents
Session Leader: Giovanni Sgalambro CMC - Director of Organization, Change Management and Digitalization at Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti S.p.A. - Italy

People and Social. Does collaboration create impact? Let's find out together at Logotel
Company: Logotel

From strategy, to delivery, to life: people ideas and tools to drive the transformation of Companies' and Customers' life. in a better way.
Session Leader: Cristiana Rogate CMC - CEO of Refe- Strategie di Sviluppo Responsabile - Italy

Presentation of Work Group outcomes - New scenarios in sustainable development governance and practices, leveraging creative thinking, digital revolution and innovation
Session leaders Mario Gibertoni CMC - Giovanni Sgalambro CMC - Cristiana Rogate CMC

Plenary Sessions

IMCs Experts Interventions (Continued)
- Monique Bellersen CMC - Management Consultant MMB Management BV, Soest, The Netherlands
Theme: The quality of our profession: The intervision approach

- ICMCI Academic Fellows - Promoting sustainability and practice insights
Simon Haslam CMC- Chair of the Academic Fellows for CMC-Global/ICMCI, Director of FMR Research Ltd, United Kingdom

Closing Remarks
Moderated by Cesara Pasini CMC - Chair APCO and Dwight Mihalicz CMC- Chair CMC-Global/ICMCI

The International CMC Conference Flag Ceremony and the 7th International Conference in 2019