Feature YOUR Knowledge/Experience in a CMC Today Article!

Calling all CMC’s, leading-edge consulting practitioners, and Academic Fellows

At CMC Today we are trying to provide insightful articles that will:

  1. Help CMC’s expand their wisdom/insight/knowledge in a particular area – adding to their common body of knowledge; and
  2. Speak to a client and help them gain added insight to assist them improve their management practices, processes, etc. – again with some depth of understanding and more advanced insight.
  3. Contribute to a “library” of timeless reference materials for CMC’s and their clients around the world to access.

We are after articles, not blogs!
And there is a significant difference between the two:

Blog – a short, topical treatment of personal opinion/observation with “loose” connection of ideas and references. Sometimes there is one helpful application. Usually more “entertaining” or “interesting”, possibly gets reader reflecting on their own experience. 
Article – a more detailed treatment of a managerial challenge or management consulting practice, with some compelling data, research elements and leading-edge ideas that flow logically, and probably ~ 3+ pages in length.… Components to such an article:

  1. Background and issue/challenge/problem identification with compelling rationale to take notice.  
  2. Some example data or research or detailed understanding of causes of 2 or 3 components of the issue/challenge/problem so the reader really understands beyond what he or she might normally understand.
  3. Practical application/recommendations for changing practices, perhaps with some personal/client examples of where this has been recently successful.

In brief, it’s a mini “consulting gig” but where the author identifies the problem/challenge from their various experiences; explores some best practices or options; then recommends a solution. We would like the reader to have an “A-Ha” reaction at the end. And it should show that CMC’s are forces to be respected!
We are ICMCI. Our articles should be “world class”.

  • Our newsletter articles should reflect solid, knowledgeable, leading edge thinking and insight, with practical application.
  • Our Main articles should be reflective of EXCELLENCE in Management Consulting insight and application. 
  • An article for CMC Today probably takes 2 or 3 days to think about, access reference materials, and draft/write in final form.
  • The world is immersed in short, light, surface-level, inconsequential banter, that people try to pass on as valuable insight. CMC Today articles will hopefully be the exact opposite of this!

Will you take up the challenge?

Technical specs (for ease of flowing into html): 

  • 12 pt Times New Roman, no line spacing, only Bold Headers/Sub-headers; 
  • Imbedded charts must be ‘whole images’ (no 11-piece components that will float everywhere). 
  • References can be built-in to the text, also a short paragraph on the Author(s) at end with CMC designation clarified plus any other designations. We do not use academic-style references at page bottom or article ending.
  • Submit in MS-Word with language set to English (UK)

We would think that leading CMCs, AFs, members of ACPs or CMC-Firms would WANT to have their articles featured herein.

To submit your article or idea(s) for such, send them to us at: cmctoday@cmc-global.org

Here are some helpful “coaching tips” for those submitting articles to CMC Today for the first time, based upon our experience of submitting articles to other newsletters:

  1. Always go and read some back issues of the Newsletter you are submitting to. Note the style of previous articles and other components. https://www.cmc-global.org/content/cmc-today-archive 
  2. Every publication has its article criteria guidelines. Read it. Follow it.
  3. If you are re-using existing material – realize you will have to adapt it for the unique publication objectives & audience. You should also update it to ensure it is timely and reflective of the current global environment. This is NOT the editor’s job. It is the submitter’s job.
  4. Realize that the editor may further edit the content for language, style, length and “fit”.
  5. Recognize that © will usually be shared in the final format used in the specific publication. This is for the protection of both the publication and the author – and it is not an attempt to hijack the ownership of the original material – which will always reside with the original author.
  6. If you have any questions, start early and ahead of the deadline, and contact us by email. We welcome collaboration and are willing to assist you with your article!
  7. Contributors are expected to ensure accuracy and truthfulness of their submissions. Those who violate these requirements will have their privilege of submission suspended.