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ICMCI Board Update

Dear Friends,
I did not intend to transform this entry into a final report, but I cannot stop thinking of it as my last entry into the CMC Today as Chair of ICMCI. Memories are running in my mind and the journey, my journey, is in front of a milestone which will slightly affect my day to day activities but will not change my attachment to our wonderful CMC Global organization … 

CMC Toolkit

On this Issue’s theme of Leadership & Management please see the following:

Tofazzul Hussain, FCA, CMC, article on the Bangladesh National Budget 2018-19 This has some fascinating insight into the development and advancement of the business economy of Bangaldesh as well as taxation for both locals and ex-pats operating therein.

Are you Getting Recognized for your Consulting Work?
Awards are an excellent way for CMC’s to get recognized for your excellence and to spread the CMC designation reputation. CMC-Global and many IMC’s have adopted the annual Constantinus Awards – the 2018 winners to be announced in Milan in October! 
Our own CMC Today Editor, Doug Macnamara was recently recognized by 2 “people’s choice” awards: CEO Today Magazine’s Top 100 Consultants and Canadian HR Reporter’s Reader’s Choice Award for Top Management/Executive Development. These are excellent examples of awards for other CMC’s to be aware of and ensure your own efforts are recognized. 

Additional CMC’s recognized in CEO Today’s Management Consulting Awards 2018:
Brunello Menicucci – Italy
Nitin Kumar - USA

Marketing for Consultants – Making Videos

Should business schools fear McKinsey’s leadership factory?
What do you do to feed your own knowledge and talent? Some interesting ideas herein.

Deloitte Consulting’s Strategies on Thought Leadership, Engaging Execs
SME Consultants can do the same.


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Employee Engagement Solutions that Work

© 2018 CMC Today and Dwight W. Mihalicz, MBA FCMC

Engaged employees make a difference – but driving engagement can be elusive.
As executives and managers in organizations, we don’t need research to tell us that engaged employees are better performers. We all know how important it is to have engaged employees. The research evidence is overwhelming. 

If you are skeptical about employee engagement surveys, there is a reason. Traditional engagement surveys measure the outcomes of engagement.

Business Modelling for Validating Start-Up Business Ideas A study of appropriate business modelling 

© 2018 CMC Today and Sylvia Pavlova, MBA, CMC, Assoc CIPD

Business Modelling: What is it? or What is it for?
Not until recently has there been any agreement on what business modelling is. 
Publications, for the most part, attempt to define what business models are. All these are good in their own right, however they somewhat miss the mark; for they fail to arrive at the very essentials, notably: what business models are for.

Feature YOUR Knowledge/Experience in a CMC Today Article!

Calling all CMC's and leading-edge consulting practicioners!

Will you take up the challenge?
















Caught in the Action!

ISO20700 Events Updates!

Milan Italy 2018

Countdown to the Annual Meeting 2018 
… and the 6th International Conference

Cesara Pasini, Chair Apco – Italian Professional Association of Management Consultants

The agendas have been completed and preparations are underway for the Annual Meeting and the 6th International Conference of Management Consultancy to be held this year in Italy, in Milan, from 16th to 17th October and from 18th to 19th October respectively.

The theme of the Conference focuses on “Making a Sustainable World”, leveraging creative thinking, digital revolution and innovation. Management consultants are constantly looking for good practices to define new business strategies that effectively combine the three pillars of sustainability: economy, environment and social responsibility. We need new governance paradigms that are both "disruptive" and "friendly", “innovative” and “inclusive”, which places the person at the center of the natural and technological ecosystem, involving all stakeholders.


IMC Share Zone

2019 ICMCI Asia Pacific Hub Meeting

All Japan Federation of Management Organizations is pleased to announce 2019 Asia Pacific Hub Meeting to be held in Tokyo between 27 and 28 May, 2019.

Announcement Video can be viewed HERE


Caribbean Consultants Celebrate Int’l Consultants’ Day 

Fearless Consulting in Disruptive Times 
IMC USA conference Oct 5-7, San Diego


IMC Austria Int’l Consultants’ Day Press Release and Video


Management Forum Turkey Summary 

  Consultancy UK – Announcement of ICMCI Launch of ISO 20700 Standards    
  Consultancy EU – Announcement of ICMCI’s Award of CMC Firm to Dutch Firm   
  ICMCI Holds The First Training On The Iso 20700:2017   
  IMC Kosovo becomes Full Member!  Website  Video
ICMCI Committee Reports

ICMCI Launches International CMC Promotion Campaign!
Sent to all IMC’s in June – Have you Read it?
Have you started using it in your IMC and sending out to your own CMC’s for them to use??

  How could YOU use a Certified Management Consultant?  



October 16-19, 2018
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and 6th International CMC Conference.
How creative thinking and disruptive innovation shape our future
Milan, Italy

October 5-7, 2018
Fearless Consulting in Disruptive Times
San Diego, USA

May 2019
May 26-27, 2018
Asia Pacific Hub Meeting
Tokyo – Japan


2018 CMC Today Publishing Schedule & Themes

Please submit articles, photos, business exchange requests, etc., addressing the theme of each issue, by the 10th day of the first of the two Publishing Months to:

Click HERE to get a copy of the CMC Today Article Criteria. Failure to submit your article according to these criteria may cause your article to be rejected.

Quick Quiz

This Month’s quick quiz is based on Leadership & Management Topic and the various articles in this month’s issue of CMC Today.  

Q1 - Which of the following is the biggest contributor for low employee engagement?

a. Silos – Lack of Collaboration
b. Poor Communication
c. Poor Managerial Leadership
d. Lack of Accountability
e. Conflict in workplace.

Q2 - If you are a start-up organization, which of the many business Modelling approaches a consultant can bring to the table is most likely to make a positive difference?

a) The 4 P’s of Marketing.
c) Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition Canvas.
d) Visioning.

Q3 - What can SME Consultants do just as well as Deloitte to engage client executives and be seen as thought leaders?

a) Publish regular articles.
b) Publish regular BLOGs.
c) Create Podcasts/ Videos
d) Speak at Association Conferences.
e) Visioning.

Video Blog

Some thought-provoking videos on this month’s theme of Leadership and Management…

Want to Become a Consultant? You've Got to Produce Great Thought – Leadership Content! – Entrepreneurial guru Evan Carmichael 

Enabling Breakthrough – Shuntian Yao

The Value of Silence – Erika Kleestorfer

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