10 IMCs now have accredited trainers!

Kiev – Ukraine. ICMCI held the pilot ISO 20700:2017 training that was attended by 12 participants from 10 Member Institutes. Training was delivered by Nick Warn and Robert Bodenstein as part of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) and the ISO steering taskforce.

Sorin Caian, chair of ICMCI, commenced the training with an opening speech addressed to the participants thanking them for their participation and outlining that the road started more than 10 years ago, continued with the adoption of EN 16114 and then of ISO 20700, being built for improving business and social environment and profession’s recognition. Sorin continued by asking the participants to fully contribute towards enhancing the content of the pilot training, assuring them that the standard is another success story for ICMCI but needs the involvement of both the consultants and the clients. The tools developed, including the self-declaration list, will substantially contribute for achieving the goals.

The training was for a full day with a full session of discussion to assure future trainers are well equipped with all needed tools. The training included case studies that cover the different sizes of projects and different scenarios of needed documentation following the 3 phases of a project according to the standard.

This training coincided with the launch of the www.iso20700.org website to promote the standard itself and the self-declaration checklist. Nick Warn, Professional Standards Committee Member and Trainer of the checklist concluded that “The publication of ISO20700 marks a major milestone in the history of our profession and will prove beneficial to consultants and clients alike in defining what good practice in consultancy looks like.  We must all work hard to promote it as vigorously as possible”.

Robert Bodenstein, Chair of PC280 and Board Member of ICMCI concluded that “This pilot training verified the ICMCI strategy to set up a training based on a self-declaration concept on an international level. The high interest from IMC’s in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia shows how the ICMCI’s efforts are appreciated by their members.”

Next training will be held in Milan during our Annual Meeting and CMC International Conference in October. This will be announced with full details for registrations.

In closing, thanks go to CMC Ukraine for assisting us in administering this event!

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