Dear Friends,

I did not intend to transform this entry into a final report, but I cannot stop thinking of it as my last entry into the CMC Today as Chair of ICMCI. Memories are running in my mind and the journey, my journey, is in front of a milestone which will slightly affect my day to day activities but will not change my attachment to our wonderful CMC Global organization.

The story will go on! Our profession, constantly on the edge of change, keeps us fresh, open- minded and always ready and willing to take challenges. Whatever type of a consultant we like to define ourselves, whatever categories we think we belong to, there is a common ground characterized by professionalism and ethics where all those definitions and categories finally meet. And this is how the story of CMC has started, more than 30 years ago and this is what we are aiming for.

The mission of ICMCI is to support the profession’s development and recognition, it is not for us, which are temporarily acting inside the ICMCI structure, not even in the first instance for our members, the IMCs, but for those which are adherent to our profession and are doing their best to support the economic and social development of the world, being or not being members of our organization.

Very soon we will have the chance to meet again, colleagues from all continents, for the sixth International Conference of ICMCI, in Milano, a dream became a reality and soon we can say a tradition. We are close to a decade since the breakthrough strategy has evolved and it is obvious that the initiative started based on the contributions of our members, interested in the comfort of the profession, of our organizations and, finally of the consultants, is reaching its goals and setting the ground for new evolutions, which will surely come!

I am asked quite often “which is the best achievement of ICMCI in the last years”’ and believe me it is not easy to say. We may say the ISO 20700 standard, a work led by ICMCI, meant not to regulate the profession but mainly to educate the market on all its components and raise recognition of management consulting profession.

Or maybe the CMC-Firm, a tool which is assisting us and our members to penetrate larger areas and share our values with more and more management consultants, and to also learn from them, helping us to become a better voice of the profession. Or the Academic Fellows, our major link to Academia, as well as the CMC-Directory, connecting CMCs from all over the world.

And, I may also immediately think about the AMCC, Accredited Management Consulting Courses, which is starting to fly, or our links with IFIs, International Financing Institutions, such as EBRD which are continuously strengthening for the benefit of the Management Consulting, as well as for our members, the IMCs, and finally of ICMCI. And I should also think about our UN links, which provides us the opportunity to better act on the social aspect of our activity.

I am sure that I have not mentioned many aspects which deserve to be told, but I am sure that you will find them in the Board Report, to be issued soon in preparation of our Annual Meeting in the opening of the International Conference in Milano.

Finally, I must convey a very warm thanks to all the volunteers, all the people acting in various structures of ICMCI, or those just participating in our actions, or simply being part of the professional life, contributing with their effort to the continuous development, recognition and wellbeing of our profession.


Sorin Caian
Chair, ICMCI Board of Directors