In time for International Consultant’s Day in June, ICMCI sent out to all IMC’s around the world the new Guide and Toolkit for the 2018-19 International CMC Promotion Campaign! 

  • Did you read it?
  • Have you started Customizing the suggestions for your country and IMC promotional initiatives?

The approach has been developed over the past 18months after input from many IMC’s around the world; and also modelled after the very successful similar approach by the CPA’s.

It is anchored by 3 simple, yet key promotional concepts:
1. Getting Business, NPO & Government Leaders to imagine how they could use a CMC; 

       How could YOU use a Certified Management Consultant?

2. Plus a “value positioning theme” that also reinforces our certification logo:

    And finally,

3. Building profiles and examples of leading CMC’s in your own country (and/ or using some from other countries) that show a variety of ways CMC’s can make a difference for such leaders.

Get Your CMC Promotional Toolkit and start using it today! 
We have templates, logo files in various formats and a Promo Campaign Outline that will help you build your own country approach! We sent them to you already, but you can also access them from the website link above (Toolkit).

Consistency is Important – We should look the same all around the world - Unified.

  •  Same colours
  •  Same Logo & Messaging
  •  Similar CMC Consultant Profiles

Let’s Talk in Milan – 
How are YOU going to use this as an IMC; also as an individual CMC??