How creative thinking and disruptive innovation shape our future

October 18-19, 2018

Are the strategic objectives of your companies combined with those of broader economic, environmental and social sustainability? 
This is only one of the key questions that many entrepreneurs and managers pose for the future economy – looking forward to the welfare of future generations and the preservation of the planet's natural resources at the same time as their own success. 

Many of those who have taken the path of innovation, have embraced the power of creative thinking and the potential of digital transformation – and quickly enjoy good results for their organization. But simultaneously, we might ask: “at what point have we really enhanced our larger economies”?

Answers to this and other key questions, will come from the keynote speakers of 6th CMC International Conference, taking place in Milan – Italy – from 18th to 19th October 2018. 

Interesting debates and active dialogue
 Two themes will drive this year’s CMC Conference: 

  • “Best Practices in Education & Training - How we are teaching sustainability?” and 
  • “Best Practices in Companies and Consulting - How we are implementing sustainability through creative thinking and disruptive innovation?”.  

Alongside the expert panelists and session leaders we want to invite IMCs to bring the testimonies of successful cases in their various countries.

We will also feature workshops with CMC Consultants that have distinguished themselves with client work addressing innovations in organization, environment & people that will

  • stimulate the exchange of good practices, 
  • be shared among all the participants at the end of the International Conference.

We want you to return to your countries, having learned from leading examples of the new practices in sustainable development, consistent with the Italian pillars of creativity, design and innovation. 

This year, Milan will provide an exciting location to share knowledge and experiences with colleagues from around the world, and increase your own professional network while exploring How creative thinking and disruptive innovation shape our future sustainability.


Cesara Pasini, Chair of APCO
For more information watch for the conference website to be “up” by the end of March!