Countdown to the Annual Meeting 2018 
… and the 6th International Conference

Cesara Pasini, Chair Apco – Italian Professional Association of Management Consultants

The agendas have been completed and preparations are underway for the Annual Meeting and the 6th International Conference of Management Consultancy to be held this year in Italy, in Milan, from 16th to 17th October and from 18th to 19th October respectively.

The theme of the Conference focuses on “Making a Sustainable World”, leveraging creative thinking, digital revolution and innovation. Management consultants are constantly looking for good practices to define new business strategies that effectively combine the three pillars of sustainability: economy, environment and social responsibility. We need new governance paradigms that are both "disruptive" and "friendly", “innovative” and “inclusive”, which places the person at the center of the natural and technological ecosystem, involving all stakeholders.

To discuss these issues will be speakers of exceptional value with recognized experience and expertise, from the world of business, university and research who are coming from ten different countries. Some of these speakers were selected by the Conference Scientific Committee through the International Call for Papers, which closed end-July. Three leading companies, known for their special attention to sustainability, will host the thematic workshops.

The complexity that underlies the achievement of the objectives of the UN Global Agenda 2030 for sustainable development requires ever more interdisciplinary and updated skills. Consequently, it is fundamental to know how to combine academic education with business training practices for young millennials and adults. A key role will be played by the CMC-Global Academic Fellows.

With this conference we want to showcase the best in the culture and practices of management consulting
• On the evening of 18th October there will be two special events: the Constantinus Award Ceremony that rewards excellence in consulting and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of APCO, the Italian Professional Association of Management Consultants, founded in Milan in 1968, main Italian industrial pole.

• Alongside the CMC-Global events, a broad tourist program is planned for partners to raise awareness of the artistic and natural beauties of the Milan area. At the end there will be a post conference tour in the magical Venice.

The Early Bird booking expired on 31st July, with registered participants coming from more than 20 different countries. Extended now until 18 September for those who will participate in groups of 3 or more people.

We look forward to you joining us in Milan in October!