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ICMCI Board Update

The Board meeting held early May in Singapore, as part of the excellent Asia Pacific Hub and regional conference organized by IMC Singapore, and the one held in advance of the European Hub in Dublin, on July 6th, both focused on implementation of the strategy discussed and agreed last year in Toronto. As you are aware the ICMCI Board is focusing mainly on implementation of the projects developed in the last years, as well as on improved communication with our members and stakeholders of the consulting community, becoming more and more the global voice of the profession.

CMC Toolkit

This month our items for your toolkit consideration, are the presentation PPT's from the Asia-Pacific Hub sessions...

1. Principal, Knowledge Perspectives

2. Quintessence of Kaizen

3. Productivity Strategy Kazakhstan

4. Innovation of Mgt Consulting Theory

5. Improving Retail Productivity & Customer Exerience

6. 4th Industrial Revolution & Innovation in Consulting

7. Transformation of SME’s : Future-proof, Future-ready

8. Guidelines for Mgt Consulting Services: ISO 20700


The Effective Point of AccountabilityTM (EPA)

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With some of the spectacular private sector failures over the past decade, there has been much ado about accountable organizations. Organizations in all sectors have been have been struggling publicly with how to become more accountable. Particularly, when things go wrong, everyone wants to know who was accountable.


September 3-5, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan, ICMCI will hold its next Annual General Meeting for delegates of Institutes of Management Consulting from around the world! The Board has recently outlined the planned agenda for these meetings.

Sunday September 3rd – offers an opportunity to arrive in Astana and explore the city on some tours and events.

Monday September 4th - NSPC voting takes place at the very beginning of the first day which includes the casting of the votes. Next we will address how to advance the value proposition of ICMCI and its various elements. Later in the day we explore some new initiatives ideas and some best practices from IMC’s. Gala 30th Anniversary Dinner in the evening!

Tuesday September 5th – This is the day for more formal AGM proceedings: Annual Reports from Board and Committees plus review of progress against Plan, voting on key resolutions, and formal approval of the NSPC results takes place.








Caught in the Action!
  Neil Taylor, EBRD Associate Director  
  From Left:
Sorin Cain, Chairman, ICMCI;
Olga Kan, Chairman, IMC Kyrgyzstan;
Ayday Kurmanova, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Antimonopoly Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic

Dear Members,
This month, we are including photos from the National Forum of Consultants - May 17, 2017 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Astana Kazakhstan 2017

Bridging Minds:

To invest in your professional development, networking, and business development opportunities, join our International Conference by coming to Astana, Kazakhstan in September!

A Conference at a glance highlight!

Visit the event website HERE

IMC Share Zone

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ICMCI Committee Reports

Note to ICMCI C'tee Chairs


The ICMCI Secretariat is working on scheduling training sessions with Committee Chairs in order to familiarize them with the use of the dedicated website areas for their committees.

The website is now set-up to function as our ongoing database and communications hub; and the Committee Areas is intended as the place for all documentation and tracking of committee activity.

Khuzaima will be contacting Chairs during the second half of the month of August to schedule the sessions, and is developing a short manual with the main steps included for the Chairs€™ ease of reference.



September 4 - 7, 2017
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and International CMC Conference
Astana, Kazakhstan - Radisson Hotel Astana

September 20 - 22, 2017
CICMC 2017 Conference (Caribbean Institute)
The Renaissance Hotel, Curacao

October 20 - 22, 2017
IMC USA Annual Consulting Conference Add Value for Clients to Build Your Practice
JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel; Atlanta, Georgia

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Quick Quiz

This month's Quick Quiz addresses elements from the feature article on Accountability

Q1 -“ What components of effective Accountability do you clarify for your reports?

a) Obligation of task or performance to deliver or do?
b) Results & actions expectations?
c) To whom they owe their accountability and results?

Q2 -“ Responsibility & Authority is delegated "down" and in return, Accountability is owed back "up".

a) Are outcomes, values and possibly behaviours identified during your delegation?
b) Do you avoid competing "pulls" or accountability to more than 1 person?
c) Do you clarify What is required and by When - together?
d) How do you handle competing accountabilities, or trade-offs in priority of accountabilities?

Video Blog

Some videos on Governance as reference for IMC Boards as well as for those providing governance consulting:.

IMC Singapore- Asia-Pacific Hub May 2017 Video
Video featuring some of the participants and activities of this year's Asia-Pacific Hub Meeting.

Welcome to Astana 5th International CMC Conference - September 4-7, 2017
Short intro to the upcoming International CMC Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan.

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