This month’s Quick Quiz addresses elements from the feature article on Accountability

Q 1 – What components of effective Accountability do you clarify for your reports?

  1. Obligation of task or performance to deliver or do?
  2. Results & actions expectations?
  3. To whom they owe their accountability and results?


Q2 – Responsibility & Authority is delegated “down” and in return, Accountability is owed back “up”. 

  1. Are outcomes, values and possibly behaviours identified during your delegation?
  2. Do you avoid competing “pulls” or accountability to more than 1 person?
  3. Do you clarify What is required and by When – together?
  4. How do you handle competing accountabilities, or trade-offs in priority of accountabilities?


Q3 – Effective Point of AccountabilityTM

  1. When delegating responsibilities, do you ensure Single Points of accountability? (I.e. accountability is not shared, only one individual is accountable?
  2. Do you work to ensure that the individual closest to the action has the authority, access to information, and capability to be held accountable?
  3. When accountability for performance or results cascades down or across the organization, does the individual with the single point of accountability ensure that all the delegated responsibilities “add-up” to the total or more that he/she is held accountable to deliver?
  4. Are measures of success clear and known by all involved?