The Board meeting held early May in Singapore, as part of the excellent Asia Pacific Hub and regional conference organized by IMC Singapore, and the one held in advance of the European Hub in Dublin, on July 6th, both focused on implementation of the strategy discussed and agreed last year in Toronto. As you are aware the ICMCI Board is focusing mainly on implementation of the projects developed in the last years, as well as on improved communication with our members and stakeholders of the consulting community, becoming more and more the global voice of the profession.

As you already know, in the beginning of June the ISO 20700 standard was published; and our Board, together with the active members in the committees for preparing the standard are focusing on next stage: creating maximum value from it for our members and management consulting profession.

Other products, such as the CMC Firm and CMC Directory are ready to fly and the Dublin meeting will represent the real start-up, especially since the technicalities were solved and the Dutch and Irish ACPs are exploring the achievement of CMC Firm status.

This September, in Astana, together with IMC Kazakhstan, we are organizing the 5th ICMCI International Conference. This annual event started 4 years ago in Vilnius and successfully continued in Seoul, Noordwijk and Toronto. It has an exciting, engaging desing, and will bring together consultants, clients, representatives of academia and other institutions from all over the world. This year the conference will benefit from the strong involvement of our traditional partner, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, contributing directly to the development of the event.

The annual meeting of delegates, hosted in Astana, will have an agenda focusing on professional achievements of our members, sharing good experiences and discussing together the way forward, the elections of three board members (as already started last year) being also part of it. The face-to-face Board meeting in Dublin will define the final format for the annual meeting in September, using also the initial outcomes of the collaborative approach new round of meetings started in May and giving the opportunity to our members to highly contribute to our efforts in enhancing the performance of ICMCI, increasing the shared value and creating a better future for our profession.

I hope to see as many as possible of you in our upcoming events! 

Sorin Cain, CMC
Board Chair, ICMCI