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ICMCI Board Update

CMC- Global Board Chair attends UN Conference of NGO’s
Recently our Board Chair, Sorin Caian attended the CoNGO (The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations) 70th Anniversary Event in Vienna on the 12th of October. The new Sustainable Development goals of the UN were top of the agenda… 

Board Report 2017 from Astana Annual Meeting.

CMC Toolkit

From the 5th International CMC Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan, here are the key sessions/presentations:

1. LEAN in the BI Group of Companies

2. Transformation strategy of business in Kazakhstan: needs in skills and knowledge

3. Expert view on Kazakhstan’s consulting market: indicators, problems, and trends

4. Bridging Minds: opportunities for international management consulting development and cross-border collaboration

5. Systematic and Strategic Approach for Technology Transfer and Commercialization supported by Government / SMBA (Small & Medium Business Administration)

6. How to build Reputation and Trust in order to be well perceived by international clients?

7. Transformation of thinking through the practice of applying modern management technologies in the industry of the countries of Central Asia 

8. Role of Top Management in Kaizen implementation


Bridging Minds: 
Successfully Transferring Knowledge & Leadership Practice to Evolving Regions

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The work we do as international consultants is exciting, fascinating and rewarding. It also requires us to take an approach that is both respectful of the cultures within which we work, yet also establishes a trustful bond so that we can deal with important issues and challenges (perceived or real), that are blocking change and adoption of new practices. 

In the context of the 5th International CMC Conference in Astana, successfully Bridging Minds from leading practices in one part of the world, to evolving regions and organizations requires 3 key elements for success…


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Caught in the Action!
Photos from the 5th International CMC Conference – Astana, Kazakhstan  
5th International CMC Conference – Work Group 3:     Photo credit: Dwight Mihalicz   
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Milan Italy 2018

2018 ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates + 
6Th International CMC Conference
October 16-19, 2018
Milan, Italy

Associazione Professionale Italiana dei Consulenti di Management, (APCO), welcomes you all to the 2018 Annual Meeting of Delegates & CMC International Conference to be held in Milan between 16 and 19 October.

Announcement Video    Presentation PPT 

Full details and Website will be available soon! 

Mark your calendar and start making plans to attend now. 

IMC Share Zone

Chartered Management Consultant

CMC-Global member, Institute of Consulting of the United Kingdom, which is incorporated in the Chartered Management Institute achieved Privy Council approval for the new Chartered Management Consultant award.  Please see The Press Release.

CMC-GI Essentials of Management Consulting 
Next online course will be conducted on Tuesdays, from 1500 to 1700 hours UTC on December 5 and 19, and then January 9 and 30/2018 and February 20 and 27/2018.


Reminder to all IMC’s
CMC-Global is now able to host micro websites, as a component of the CMC-Global website. See the IMC Microsite Concept Paper 

30 years of ICMCI  
Canada:  Consult, Fall 2017 Online Issue   
ICMCI Committee Reports

Professional Standards Committee

The International Organization For Standardization (ISO) has recently released the new ISO 20700 standards for Consulting!

PSC Committee Board Liaison and PC 280 Chair, Robert Bodenstein gave a presentation on the new standard in Astana in September. 

View the presentation, HERE

November 23, 2017
15th Austrian IT & Consultants Day
Smart Future – What Now? 
How human is artificial intelligence?

Vienna, Austria

April 23-24, 2018
Asia-Pacific Hub Meeting – Invitation 
Tehran, Iran

May 31 - June 1, 2018
Euro Hub Meeting – Details TBD
Kiev, Ukraine

October 16-19, 2018
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and 6th International CMC Conference
Milan, Italy


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Quick Quiz

This month’s Quick Quiz addresses some of the content from the Astana conference sessions.  

Q1 - As Kazakhstan positions itself at the center of the New Silk Road plus Belt & Road initiative which are the most important areas for advancement and development in its companies and other organizations?

a) Reduced planning cycles.
b) Reduced production costs and reduced time for orders.
c) Improved service quality.
d) Reduced paper transactions – move to e-commerce.
e) Automation and talent management.

Q2 -In the implementation of new knowledge and practices, such as LEAN methodologies, what elements are the most effective in ensuring effective implementation and improved business results?

a) LEAN training of employees by consultant-coaches.
b) LEAN training of employees by team managers.
c) LEAN training of employees by team managers supported by consultant-coaches.

Q3 – In the implementation of new practices in an organization what is the most important role for senior management?

a) Building good strategy.
b) Giving direction and clarifying expectations of new behaviour.
c) Ensuring everyone participates and empowering the employees.
d) Understanding client needs/expectations.

Video Blog

Below are some excellent videos recently made available publicly:

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