This month’s Quick Quiz addresses some of the content from the Astana conference sessions.

Q1 – As Kazakhstan positions itself at the center of the New Silk Road plus Belt & Road initiative which are the most important areas for advancement and development in its companies and other organizations?

  1. Reduced planning cycles
  2. Reduced production costs and reduced time for orders
  3. Improved service quality
  4. Reduced paper transactions – move to e-commerce
  5. Automation and talent management

For more information see the New Silk Way presentation

Q2 – In the implementation of new knowledge and practices, such as LEAN methodologies, what elements are the most effective in ensuring effective implementation and improved business results?

  1. LEAN training of employees by consultant-coaches
  2. LEAN training of employees by team managers
  3. LEAN training of employees by team managers supported by consultant-coaches

For more information see the presentation on LEAN in the BI Group of Companies

Q3 – In the implementation of new practices in an organization what is the most important role for senior management.

  1. Building good strategy
  2. Giving direction and clarifying expectations of new behaviour
  3. Ensuring everyone participates and empowering the employees
  4. Understanding client needs/expectations

For more information see the presentation on Role of Top Management in Kaizen Implementation

Q4 – In Bridging Minds and successfully transferring leading knowledge and practices to evolving organizations/cultures, how does your consulting firm do in effectively accomplishing the following:

  1. Embrace abundance and truly work to transfer your knowledge and experience to build client competency, or hold back knowledge and insight to ensure client dependency on your services?
  2. Focus on building a thorough understanding of the key principles of best practices, or teach easy to remember models or “formulae” for success?
  3. Facilitate active exploration, adaptation and implementation of new practices with an understanding of the unique culture and challenges of the client organization, or test for knowledge of the theory and concepts.

For more information read the feature article.

Q5 – Can you name at least 3 of the new 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world?

For more information please see the UN Sustainable Development Goals