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Greetings to all my colleagues.

The theme of this issue of CMC Today is External Relations & Marketing. This is an area of importance to us both from the perspective of the Institutes of which we are members, and for us individually as professional management consultants.

Our strategy reflects the importance of outreach as it is one of our three strategic pillars, together with advancing the profession and improving our global network.

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CMC-Canada Blog posts:

Connecting the Dots: How to be More Effective in your Networking Efforts– Sapna Malhotra

Marketing Gardening: How to Create a Winning Plan– Tim Kist

A Warning to Consultants about Models– Peter Milsom

The Value of Appreciative Inquiry: Focus on Strengths Not Just Weaknesses– Peter Milsom

Family Businesses: A World Away from Yesterday– Jenifer Bartman


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The Application of TSA Social Value Model for Medical System

© 2019 CMC Today and Jian Di and Yang Shuanping

In China, the medical institutions that provide disease diagnosis and treatment services are the main component part of medical system. We have offered consulting services for over 700 medical institutions, including the People’s hospital,the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the Maternity and Child Care hospital and the basic Hospital in the medical community.

Based on our professional management consulting experience for medical institutions, we created the TSA social value model of the medical system. It is applied to illustrate the social responsibility of different types of medical institutions, that is, to quantify the social value of the medical institution by the three dimensions: Technical level, Service Quality and Area share.

Would You Buy From You?

© 2019 CMC Today and Tim Kist, CMC

Conducting a marketing audit should be the first step in creating a winning game plan. The answer we should all have is, “of course!” But, do you really answer “yes” every morning when you look in the mirror and ask yourself this question? Is every person in your organization filled with the same level of confidence as the CEO who answered “absolutely!” More important than a “yes,” do you know why customers choose you over your competition? And how do you know this to be true?

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In Memoriam ICMCI Léon de Caluwé

ICMCI Committee Reports

ICMCI Quality Assurance Committee Chair Mr. Louis M. Loizou, Visit to Association of Management Consultants of Serbia (UPKS)

Presentation of ICMCI and the ISO 20700
The development of all sectors of the economy, as well as the progress of institutions, can be easily achieved if businesses and other organizations have the assistance and support of certified business consultants who need to prove the highest criteria of expertise, high standards of education, competence and professionalism for obtaining certificates, it is concluded in Belgrade at the presentation of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and ISO 20700, on 21. Jun 2019 at the the Association of Management Consultants of Serbia (UPKS) .


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Quick Quiz

This month’s quick quiz addresses the themes of External Relations & Marketing.  

Q1 - Which of the following components of a Communications/Marketing Audit have you done for your business lately?

 a. Product (or service or program) Assessment – talking with your customers about how they benefit from your products/services, why they buy from you rather than someone else.
b. Place/Distribution Channel – have you tried buying your own using your buying access mechanisms?
c. Pricing Analysis – how does your pricing stack-up against other competitors? What discounts do you use? What are your late payment and collections experiences?
d. Promotion & Messaging – consistency, relevancy & ability to deliver on promise.

Q2 - Are you Customer-centric? What would your Top 20 clients say about this?

Video Blog

This month’s videos focus on our theme of External Relations: Government Relations, Public Relations, Customer Relations & Marketing.

What is PR?
This video reviews the definition of PR, and explores the different types and functions of PR, such as: employee relations (internal PR), campaigns and politics, government relations, and media relations

THIS is Marketing– Seth Godin

The Best Marketing Strategy Ever! – Steve Jobs

How I Stole Great Customer Service – With Pride! - Lisa Ekström. Ex SAS Airlines

The Next Age of Government – David Cameron

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