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ICMCI Board Update

In February it was my honor and pleasure to Chair the first face-to-face meeting of the Board of Directors during my term. We had a two-day meeting in Amman, Jordan, well hosted by our Executive Director, Reema Nasser, and our Executive Support Khuzaima Zaghlawan. In addition to our regular business, we focused on discussions about the strategy of ICMCI in order to focus our precious resources on the largest payoff for the advancement of professional management consulting …

We reaffirmed our strategic vision:

ICMCI will be a leader in the development of management consulting as a profession that drives social and economic success 

In addition, we simplified our Mission Statement – the business we are in – to:

Building the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally

CMC Toolkit

See below for links to the major reports of 2018 addressing the theme of this newsletter:

Global Innovation Index 2018 Summary

Global Innovation Index 2018 Full Report

World Economic Forum – Global Competitiveness Report 2017-18
(Overall Productivity)

OECD Compendium of Productivity Indicators 2018 

Deloitte 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index
(Quality Facets) 

US News 2018 Top Quality of Life Countries Ranking 




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The Constantinus Award Builds Pride In Our Profession!

© CMC Today and Glenn Yonemitsu, FCMC, MBA, 2018 Constantinus International Gold Medalist

Have you ever considered submitting yourself or a team of colleagues for the Constantinus Award – but then reconsidered – unsure of your worthiness or the work it would take to apply? Well you are NOT alone! 

In this article, the 2018 Gold Awardee explains how he decided to submit a project for the award and his journey to the podium!

Global Rankings of Innovation, Productivity & Quality Competitiveness 

© CMC Today and Doug Macnamara, CMC, CHRL

Capabilities of innovation, productivity and quality are critical to creating and sustaining value for clients and the marketplace. The are also the basis for economic and social wellbeing of countries – and ultimately competitiveness on the global scale. Much is being made recently of us being into the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) era.

In this article we’ll look at the different aspects of each of these organizational capacities and show you how various countries stack-up for their progress in the past few years and their current global competitiveness rankings.

What follows is a blend of general concepts and excerpts from 4 key global reports of 2018 as referenced throughout. Links to these reports can also be found in the CMC Toolkit section.

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CMC colleagues from across our 48 Member Institutes have contributed articles to CMC Today that are beneficial both to other CMC’s, as well as clients. These are collected in our Publications section of the CMC-Global website and organized to the following sections:

  • Academic Fellows Papers
  • Business Processes; Innovation: Productivity; Quality
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Caught in the Action!

ICMCI Face-To-Face Board meeting in Amman, Jordan

  Figure 1 Anca Bors, Khuzaima Zaghlawan, Reema Nasser, Elena Yuzkova, Dwight Mihalicz, Jeremy Webster, Kim Karme, Jan Willem Kradolfer, Robert Bodenstein, Sorin Caian    
  Figure 2 Jeremy Webster, Reema Nasser, Sorin Caian, Khuzaima Zaghlawan, Dwight Mihalicz, Robert Bodenstein Anca Bors, Kim Karme, Elena Yuzkova, Jan Willem Kradolfer    
  Figure 3 Jan Willem Kradolfer, Sorin Caian, Jeremy Webster, Kim Karme, Dwight Mihalicz, Reema Nasser, Elena Yuzkova, Anca Bors, Robert Bodenstein – taken by Khuzaima Zaghlawan    
  Figure 4 A formal dinner hosted by Reema Nasser – taken by Kim Karme    
  Figure 5 A traditional dinner - Down town, Amman hosted by Khuzaima Zaghlawan taken by Kim Karme
Nassau, Bahamas 2019

The Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants Gears up to Host CMC-Global’s Upcoming International Conference and Annual Meeting of Delegates in Nassau, Bahamas (October 15-18)!

CMC-Global and the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) are looking forward to hosting delegates and consultants to an experience that truly embraces and embodies all aspects of modern-day consulting.  


With Nassau, Bahamas as this year’s host city, the term ‘work hard, network shamelessly and enjoy life’ comes to mind, as delegates and consultants can look forward a truly enrichening experience.

“CREATING INDELIBLE FOOTPRINTS: Blending technology and networking to progressively expand horizons”, as a conference theme, adeptly and vividly frames the conference takeaways.


IMC Share Zone

Here are a number of IMC recent newsletters from around the world for you to read their articles and see their IMC activities. There are some very good articles for CMC’s and leaders of IMC to read! 


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Bites from Bim” (Barbados Chapter) 
December 2018 Edition. 



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Management Consulting Journal – 2018 V2  


European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD)

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Conference Summary – November 2018  

ICMCI Committee Reports

Become part of Int’l Survey of Young Consultants!
Together, let’s figure out what the next generation of consultants will need from our Institutes of Management Consulting around the world!

The Established IMC’s Community leaders have launched a new initiative to find out how we best provide young consultants with valuable services and programs, and how we might boost the value proposition of our Institutes. Other CMC-Global member Institutes are invited to join in the effort


Membership Committee initiates two important projects
Many people may assume the work of the membership committee is administrative and routine, approving new applications to become a member Institute, or renewing IMC certification, after the tri-annual QAC assessment.  In addition to these regular activities, this committee is working on two interesting and important projects:

1. Proactive membership initiative
2. Members’ KPI and best practices initiative

Both of these projects are underway and will help to strengthen CMC-Global and our member IMCs.



January 31, 2019
The ICMCI Annual Meeting and Conference RFP 2020  Announcement 

April 11-12, 2019
Euro Hub Meeting & ISO 20700 Checklist Training
Bucharest - Romania

ISO Training:
May 27-28, 2019
Asia Pacific Hub Meeting
Tokyo - Japan

July 2019
July 31, 2019
Constantinus International Awards 2019 Submission Deadline

October 2019
October 15-18, 2019
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and 7th International CMC Conference
Nassau - Bahamas


2018 CMC Today Publishing Schedule & Themes

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Quick Quiz

This month our Quiz questions address the themes of Innovation, Productivity & Quality and relate to the feature articles, videos and CMC Toolkit elements.  

Q1 - Which of the following approaches have you used/seen to lead to the most significant innovation impact in organizations?

 a. Communities of Practice regular gatherings – designed specifically to share what the members are working upon and get feedback from their colleagues.
b. Customer Surveys as to their biggest challenges, needs, frustrations. Then creation of task teams to solve those challenges.
c. Creativity Workshops – with artists, musicians, improv acting – to better understand and ‘pump-up’ creative generation in your workplace.

Q2 - Have you entered Awards competitions – submitting samples of your consulting work or featuring a special leadership/management success? If so, how have you used this to stimulate improved internal processes across your organization?

Video Blog

This issue’s videos are in support of our theme of Innovation, Productivity & Quality.

Global Innovation Index 2018
Energizing the World with Innovation
China’s standout story

Business Leadership for the world’s 4IR
World Economic Forum for 4th Industrial Revolution

WEF Global Competitiveness Index 2018

Top 10 Predictions for Global Manufacturing 2018 

Quality Digest Live – Jan 2019 

Top Countries to Live in 2018 


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