The Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants Gears up to Host CMC-Global’s Upcoming International Conference and Annual Meeting of Delegates in Nassau, Bahamas (October 15-18)!

CMC-Global and the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC) are looking forward to hosting delegates and consultants to an experience that truly embraces and embodies all aspects of modern day consulting.

With Nassau, Bahamas as this year’s host city, the term ‘work hard, network shamelessly and enjoy life’ comes to mind, as delegates and consultants can look forward a truly enrichening experience.

CREATING INDELIBLE FOOTPRINTS: Blending technology and networking to progressively expand horizons”, as a conference theme, adeptly and vividly frames the conference takeaways.  

CICMC as the Host Institute, is pulling out all of the stops to ensure a very impressive lineup of speakers, who can excite audiences, insightfully share information on developments, opportunities, new tools and lessons learned to institutes and members, from both client and services delivery  perspectives. 

The (prospective) line-up of speakers include, the Prime Ministers of The Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Curacao.

One of the defining highlights of the conference will be a ‘highly-interactive’ networking session, which will play on the ‘blending (advance) technology and networking’ theme, with a focus of exposing attendees to the suite of CMC-Global services that support networking and consortia building.  A primary deliverable for this session (and conference) is ‘setting the stage for increased collaboration among MCIs and members, to unlock potential and increase revenue earning’.

Nassau, Bahamas, as a host city, is renowned as one of most appealing global tourist destinations.  Delegates are encouraged to book early and to bring their families along, to experience a blend of business and wholesome entertainment, which is unique to the Caribbean and The Bahamas.   

While in The Bahamas, spouses and guests can enjoy the warmth, culture and rich heritage of the Islands of The Bahamas. Tours and sighting seeing options are available and include but are not limited to: 

  • City Tours, Island Tours
  • Heritage (Passport) Tours
  • The Marvel of the Lost City of Atlantis (Paradise Island)
  • Inter-island day tours to Harbour Island and its world renowned Pink Sands Beach OR to the Exuma Cays - to ‘swim with the pigs’ and ‘stingrays’ and to feed local sharks.  

Partners and delegates visiting The Bahamas are also eligible to register (family and individuals) in the celebrated “People-to-People Experience” program, to be paired with a Bahamian Ambassador.  The program is complementary and will expose partners and delegates (post conference) to the Bahamian culture and cuisine, as well as teach them about the rich history of The Bahamas and any specific island you choose to visit. 

In addition, the more adventurous or spontaneous visitors will be afforded opportunities to tailor activities or tours, after researching the destination, or upon arrival.  This may include golfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and any number of adventure or heritage related activities on Nassau or an Out-Island of choice.  Flights from Nassau to the other Bahama Islands are an average of thirty minutes and offer breathtaking panoramic views of or crystal clear waters and further exposes visitors to the warmth and friendliness of the Bahamian people.

Book now begin planning for an exciting conference and island experience. 

Delegate Pricing:

  ITEM  Date and Venue Early Bird Rate Regular Rate Bundle Early Bird Rate Bundle Regular Rate
 7th CMC International   Conference

 October 15-16, 2019

 Nassau, Bahamas

$550 $650 $1,000 $1,100
 Annual Meeting of   Delegates

 October 17-18, 2019

 Nassau, Bahamas

$550 $650


Partner Program Pricing:

  ITEM  Date and Venue Early Bird Rate Regular Rate

 Full Institutional program
 (October 14-19)


 14/10 VIP Cocktail Networking Reception 
 15/10 Chairman’s Welcome Reception
 16/10 Constantinus Award & Gala Dinner
 17/10 Cultural-Heritage Reception
 18/10 Delegates Gala Dinner

USD 300 USD 350
 Institutional Program 
 (October 14-17)

 14/10 VIP Cocktail Networking Reception 
 15/10 Chairman’s Welcome Reception
 16/10 Constantinus Award & Gala Dinner
 17/10 Cultural-Heritage Reception

USD 200 USD 250

Further information and details will be shared through this newsletter, CMC-Global website and the official Conference 2019 website once we have the website established.