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ICMCI Board Update

As you may be aware, the Governance of CMC-Global (ICMCI) has faced major transformation (and I dare to say, improvement) in the last years. Transparency, accountability, collaborative approach as well as constant direct communication are few of the main attributes characterizing the activity of CMC-Global Board of Directors in the last years. … 

CMC Toolkit

Nitin Kumar, ICMCI’s representative to the UN, receives a 2018 “Mover & Shaker” Award by Social Media Today. He has also released a new e-book called Wargaming for M&A Integration Leaders. You can download his e-book for free from CMC-Global website HERE
Wargaming for M&A Integration Leaders (Audiobook is also available free on iTunes).

The Board Ready Card Deck – Developed By Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE) this card deck helps Boards think through their challenges and decisions by considering issues of Oversight, Foresight, Insight and Hindsight. In fact this deck has evolved into a whole system to support Board thinking, with smartphone/tablet applications too!



This month an article on either end of the Governance spectrum, plus some ideas for an applied governance partnership in Africa.
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Stewardship – for Sustaining Your Organization

Doug Macnamara, CMC

A few years ago I received an e-mail from a colleague asking me to share any materials, definitions and references I had for the concept of stewardship.  
It seems stewardship is at once both a simple concept and yet a difficult one to actualize.

Doug Macnamara, CMC

Most Board members are good people.  Many are well educated, relatively wealthy, worldly, important people and make significant ongoing contributions to their communities.  
Thus, it is one of the biggest disappointments and most difficult of personal times when an organization that you are responsible for finds itself in such terrible circumstances as:
• bankruptcy;
• unexpected large financial loss or investment debacle;
• evaporating member, customer, or citizen support;
• fraud or major regulatory non-compliance; or
• failed leadership transition.

Executive Coaching at the Board and Senior Levels in Organisations

Yvonne Burger, CMC-Academic Fellow

This article is about the practice of executive coaching at the top levels in organisations. The result of an exploratory survey, it looks at the outcomes of interviews with people from different sectors and with different backgrounds who all have experience of executive coaching. Based on the survey, this article formulates answers to the following questions: 
Why do leaders work with coaches? 
What issues are encountered at the top? 
How are coaching and reflection given shape at the top? 
What does executive coaching demand of coaches? 
What are the do’s and don’ts? 
What makes executive coaching effective? 
And what similarities and differences are there when comparing coaching of leaders with coaching of their employees?

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Caught in the Action!

Asia Pacific Hub Meeting 2018, Tehran!

Milan Italy 2018

2018 ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates +
6th Annual International CMC Conference
October 16-19, 2018
Milan, Italy

Registration Now Open! Website now active!
Call for Papers & Session Presentation Proposals open until June 30, 2018

Making a Sustainable World
While sustainable development concepts have been around for several decades, the NEW sustainable development approaches and UN commitments have taken on a multi-dimensional and more complex approach to strategy, business operations and management consulting.
• How do we as leading management consultants, build this fully into our practices?
• How do we train the next-gen Consultants and Clients in comprehensive sustainability?

The three pillars of sustainable development – economic growth, environmental stewardship, social inclusion – carry across all sectors of development, from cities to agriculture, infrastructure, energy development and use, water, and transportation, and more.

Creative Thinking

Some people are naturally more creative than others, but creative thinking can be strengthened with practice or special techniques as it happens for many disciplines. And in a place like Milan – we can learn a lot about creativity!


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IMC Jordan – April 2018 Update



IMC Korea eNewsletter April 2018


IMC Nigeria Update

ICMCI Committee Reports

An update from the Professional Standards Committee on events taking place to support the efforts of promoting the standard and launching the self-declaration training for trainers. Please note below links for details:


1. Self-declaration training for trainers 

2. ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services one year celebration 




May 31 - June 1, 2018
Euro Hub Meeting – From Chaos to Perfection
We would like to invite you to a conference… at the airport!
We are going to learn to manage the chaos from the hangar, conduct many interesting activities and make acquaintances on the runway, work with different cases in the waiting room, and most definitely combine theory with practice: we will fly an airplane in the sky by ourselves, to realize that chaos is quite a structured and manageable thing — you just need to know how to manage it.
Kiev, Ukraine

June 2, 2018
ISO 20700 Self-Declaration Checklist Train the Trainer
Kiev, Ukraine

June 6, 2018
ISO 20700 One Year Anniversary “Shining a Light on Management Consulting
Vienna, Austria

Constantinus International Award 2018
Binding commitment from the IMCs between January 1 and July 1 2018
The application period ends on July 15, 2018
The Constantinus Award brochure is available HERE
October 16-19, 2018
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and 6th International CMC Conference  
How creative thinking and disruptive innovation shape our future
Milan, Italy

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Quick Quiz

This month’s questions address some of the ideas and suggestions in the Feature articles, Videos and Toolkit items.  

Q1 - What does stewardship mean to you, w.r.t. board governance?

a) Provision of guidance to the organization.
b) Ensuring what you said you would do, gets done.
c) Being in charge of something that is entrusted to you but not your own.
d) Being committed to the long-term success and achievement of outcomes of the organization.

Video Blog

This month’s videos allow readers to further explore topics in Board Governance:

Modern NFP Board Governance – Passion is Not Enough

The Importance of Corporate Governance 

How to Run an Effective Board Meeting

Roberts Rules of Order – How to Be an Effective Chair/Making Interventions

Roberts Rules – Mastering the 3 Most Important Motions



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