Recent IMC Jordan activities have included:
A meeting with World Bank delegation
A meeting was held on 28/3/2018 between a delegation from IMC and the delegation of World Bank at the World Bank premises in Amman.  
A summary was presented by IMC delegation about the institute’s history, objectives and activities. 
In addition, discussions took place about the efforts conducted for developing the required regulations, laws and instructions for organizing the profession of consulting at Jordan as it is an independent career with specified requirements and conditions that should be subject to certain and specialized laws that need to be prepared and issued in coordination and cooperation with all the related local and international parties. Best practices in this concern have been discussed. 

IMC Jordan, Certified Organization on PDPW Pro by USAID
IMC Jordan and its trainers; Osama Ayyash and Rana Kilani have successfully fulfilled all certification requirements for the Project Design & Proposal Writing Program (PDPW PRO) using Dialogue Education facilitation methodology, enabling IMC Jordan to utilize the USAID PDWP curricula to train other Civic Society Organizations (CSOs) in Jordan.
IMC Jordan trainers Osama Ayyash and Rana Kilani, PDPW Certified Practitioners, conducted on April 2018 two trainings courses, 16 hours each course covering 33 participants from 30 different CSOs.  

The two training courses given are part of upcoming sequence of training courses that will be conducted to other Jordanian civic society organizations. 

Coordination between IMC Jordan and Emirates Institution for Management Consultants
A delegation of IMC Jordan held a meeting with a delegation from Emirates Institution for Management Consultants and Trainers (EMCT) at Amman on 22/2/2018. 
This meeting took place in the context of EMCT delegation’s visit to Jordan aiming at exchanging experience, knowledge and best practices with IMC concerning consultations and training.

A summary about IMC Jordan history, objectives and activities was presented by IMC Jordan delegation. In addition, ways of increasing cooperation between the two institutions were discussed in order to enhance the potential opportunities and develop services provided especially in the subject of management consultant certification currently conducted by IMC.