As you may be aware, the Governance of CMC-Global (ICMCI) has faced major transformation (and I dare to say, improvement) in the last years. Transparency, accountability, collaborative  approach as well as constant direct communication are few of the main attributes characterizing the activity of CMC-Global Board of Directors in the last years. 

 The big number of face to face meetings (I have to thank once again the Board members for their efforts, both human and material!) as well as the new election cycle (which includes the yearly renewal of one third of the board members) ensuring a solid continuation of all processes and good understanding of organizational functionality, helped a lot the excellent performance of our Board.

It is obvious that we have to continue our efforts, building on the achievements, learning from our experiences as well as from our members, and adjusting our actions in line with the strategic goals and our mission.

However, in many cases we need more involvement and commitment from our members in implementing the actions we have all agreed on, making sure that their representatives, the delegates, are closer to CMC-Global and working together with the Board, all committees, task forces, workgroups and volunteers for achieving our targets.

The Breakthrough Strategy started nearly 10 years ago, has achieved most of its objectives, even if the time for doing that has exceeded our initial estimates, and the moment for a new boost into the life of our organization is approaching. The actual governance structure ensures a good base for moving to the next level, but I am sure that the challenges will determine need for further development also for CMC-Global. It is obvious that our profession, the management consulting, is one that should re-invent itself more often than any other in order to stay on the edge of economic and social development, and I am sure that this will drive the permanent need for also adapting the Governance of our global organization to the challenges ahead.  

Sorin Caian
Chair, ICMCI Board of Directors

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