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ICMCI Board Update

The public minutes of our last Board meeting, held in April have now been posted. The link can be found on the ICMCI web site HERE. Watch for the official notice coming from your Board liaison. We were fortunate that all but two of the Directors were present in Bucharest for the EuroHub meetings, so we took the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting. Please feel free to reach out to your liaison if you have any questions.

I have also created a short 7 minute video of this update, which you can see HERE.

EuroHub a Success
The EuroHub meeting was a great success. It was a pleasure to meet with colleagues from the Europe Region and to discuss a number of things. We had the opportunity to share information in a number of areas. Some highlights ...

Strategy Development
In February I sent you a link to our draft strategy. We are now well under way with the consultation process. We have feedback from EuroHub. We will be seeking feedback from the Asia-Pacific and Americas Hubs. 

CMC Toolkit

This month CMC’s can access some interesting presentations given at EuroHub2019

Assoc Mgt Consultants Switzerland Strategy & Market info

Romania Recent Macroeconomics & Banking System Developments

PR for Professional Organizations 





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Boards and Governance!

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The Context of Business Leadership and Governance
Global business leaders very often adopt a bull-into-a-china shop approach to leading the business that they been appointed to (or chosen to or created). Forcefulness, seat-of-the-pants decision making, belief in own capabilities, disregard for advice from others, are but a few of the traits of these leaders, who I will refer to as bulls.

We also find a sprinkling of greedy, dishonest, conniving and cheating business leaders. The gruesome stories of Enron, Lehman Brothers, Steinhoff, VBS Bank, Bosasa come to mind. 
We will refer to the leaders of these business leaders as cows

Building & Enhancing Your Organization’s ROG* (*Return on Governance)? 

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I – Understanding Return on Governance
Return on Governance – This is a concept I started speaking about and working with my clients on since 2005. Think about it; many organizations spend considerable resources supporting their Board from recruitment, to assessment, to staff support, meetings, travel, accommodations, food, materials production & shipping or even web portal management, and more. For a Board of 7-12 people meeting in person say 5-6 times a year, plus committee meetings and phone-call meetings, plus maybe a Board-Sr. Mgt strategic retreat… Even in the NFP sector, annual costs for your Board can easily be $250k+. For some Boards with honoraria or per diems, the costs can be double or quadruple that amount.

And so, what tangible, organizational “return” do you get from your Board? 
Do you get at least $250k (or $500k or $1MM) value-add back from your Board?

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CMC colleagues from across our 48 Member Institutes have contributed articles to CMC Today that are beneficial both to other CMC’s, as well as clients. These are collected in our Publications section of the CMC-Global website and organized to the following sections:

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Caught in the Action!

Euro Hub Meeting as Hosted by AMCOR Romania, Bucharest

Nassau, Bahamas 2019

CICMC announces early bird registration to the 7th CMC International Conference and Annual Meeting of Delegates!

The Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants is glad to announce that early bird registration to the 7th CMC International Conference and Annual Meeting of Delegates, scheduled for October 15-18 is now open through the conference’s website:  


The conference theme of “CREATING INDELIBLE FOOTPRINTS: Blending technology and networking to progressively expand horizons”, reflects the focus of this year’s programmes and speakers, as the emphasis will be on educating and exposing attendees to best practices in networking, consortium formation, unlocking potential earning powers and current industry lessons learned.


IMC Share Zone

Here are a number of updates from IMCs around the world… 

AMCOR – Romania

Euro Hub 2019 Summary


CMC-Canada Spring Newsletter

Consult Magazine – Spring 2019 Edition

ICMCI Committee Reports

First Chinese CMC-Firm Appointment!

On 18th July, Management Consulting Committee of China Enterprise Confederation sent ICMCI the application form on behalf of Beijing Jingyi Wanjia Technology Co., Ltd. After receiving the application, ICMCI formed an appraisal committee and initiated the appraisal process immediately. On 3rd September, Mr. Lim Poh Khai arrived in Beijing, and started a two-day appraisal process. He interviewed more than 20 employees of our company, and appraised all the system documents. 

After the appraisal process, Mr. Lim gave a high praise to our company, and also gave us many suggestions about how to go international in the coming future. After Mr. Lim returned to Singapore, he submitted his appraisal suggestions to the whole appraisal committee. After that the appraisal committee reached an agreement, and granted our company the CMC-Firm statues officially on 4th October.  On 18th October, during the ICMCI global conference, the former chairman of ICMCI Sorin Caian issued the CMC-Firm certification to Mr. Jian Di (the chairman of Beijing Jingyi Wanjia Technology Co., Ltd).

May 27-28, 2019
Asia Pacific Hub Meeting
Tokyo - Japan

June 30, 2019
Call for Action: IMC self-assessment tool - KPI Tool 
July 2019
July 31, 2019
Constantinus International Awards 2019 Submission Deadline

October 2019
October 15-18, 2019
ICMCI Annual Meeting of Delegates and 7th International CMC Conference
Nassau - Bahamas

2018 CMC Today Publishing Schedule & Themes

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Quick Quiz

This month’s quick quiz addresses the themes of Governance and Boards of Directors.  

Q1 - Which of the following elements of good governance are practiced by your Board?

 a. independence of mind combined with working together with others;
b. robust debate combined with civility.

Q2 - How much money does it cost to operate your Board annually, and how do you know if  your Board provides a similar amount of added value back to the organization?

Video Blog

This month’s Videos address the work of Governance.

10 Reasons Boards Fail a fun video from an Aussie Football perspective!

Good Corporate Governance Summary of key principles from Malaysia

How to Prevent Dysfunctional Meetings Susan Leahy (a great Board video host)

How to Avoid Bylaws MistakesAnother Susan Leahy video

Good Governance – Killer of CorruptionSola Kuti, Nigeria; TEDx Talk 

How to do Consensus Decision-makingSeeds for Change 

Foresight First for BoardsJeff De Cagna – Excellent video on the Board’s responsibility to explore the futures of the organization 

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