CONSTANTINUS INTERNATIONAL AWARD celebrates 10-year anniversary - Gold for Mongolia 
Constantinus International Award is the leading global award for management consulting and IT. 

Every year, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) awards the best consulting projects worldwide with the CONSTANTINUS International Award. Last year's award ceremony was pushed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The award’s 10-year anniversary took place on October 13, 2021, and, for the first time in its history, the ceremony was held online. So far, the annual award was held in a different host country, such as the United States, South Korea, or The Netherlands.

Global award for exceptional consulting services
Dwight Mihalicz, Chairman of ICMCI: “Every year, consultants from all over the world and their clients are invited to present their projects that demonstrate exceptional customer benefits. As a consulting industry, we are demonstrating the high value of consulting. The prize always goes to the customer and the consultant. This shows how important excellent cooperation is”. The CONSTANTINUS International Award has not only become an internationally renowned seal of quality for knowledge-based services, but has also kickstarted awards in other nations such as the CONSTANTINUS Award Brazil. The CONSTANTINUS Award is available for consultants in more than 50 countries worldwide, and about 20 countries have their own CONSTANTINUS ambassadors.

“A decade after its establishment, the CONSTANTINUS International Award is now the leading award within the global consulting industry and shines a light on outstanding consulting projects from all over the world,” explains Alfred Harl, Chairman of CONSTANTINUS International. “The CONSTANTINUS International Award offers nominees a platform for international cooperation in their respective industry, and enables the strengthening of consultant-customer relations by celebrating joint successes and increasing the international awareness of mutual projects.”

10 years of success, and an international ambassador system 
Although the international award has only been created in 2011, the CONSTANTINUS International Award is already highly regarded by consulting professionals around the world. The following figures on the success of the award, which awards one gold medal, two silver medals, and nominates national champions each year, underline this:
Nominees from 27 countries and counting

  • 189 projects submitted
  • 10 gold medals awarded
  • 23 silver medals awarded
  • 35 National Champions selected
  • Last year, an ambassador system was established, with local ambassadors being the go-to contact persons for consultants who need help with the submission of their project. The host country’s Honorary President promotes and supports the award.

Two silver medals; gold goes to Mongolia
An international jury selected the nominees and subsequently selected the National Champions and medallists. Mongolia received a gold medal, making it the most successful country this year. Both silver medals went to projects from Ireland and Canada. “The submissions came from all over the world, which shows that the CONSTANTINUS International Award is gaining international recognition,” comments the Chairman of ICMCI, Dwight Mihalicz.

With their consulting services, this year's gold medallist, “Mongolian Management Consultant's Institute”, has not only improved the overall performance of their client, SAIN International LLC. They have also established a new style of management throughout the organization. This created a future-oriented company capable of exploiting market opportunities successfully and leaving behind the competition. SAIN were able to establish themselves as a “go-to” store for electronic devices that can be acquired on a leasing basis. The international committee particularly praised the introduction of a new business model within a traditional company and highlighted the things that can be achieved through professional management consulting.

The first silver medallist was “ClearThink™ Group” from Canada. The ClearThink™ coaching program connected Sylvan Lake business owners with a Certified Management Consultant in order to provide business managers with individual one-on-one business coaching and advice so they can navigate the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the jury, this project sets a positive precedent for other institutions and is a great example of how excellent advice can bring about positive change. This is the type of consulting that small businesses need, especially in times of crises.

The second silver medal went to “Xcentuate” from Ireland. Allianz, an Irish insurance company, hired Xcentuate to implement a shared operating model for all departments, improve productivity and collaboration between teams, and review key processes to identify opportunities that could improve customer experience. The jury particularly praised the exemplary advisory process and the focus on social responsibility.

All Winners:

Participant:    Mongolian Management Consultant's Institute
Client:    SAIN International LLC
Country:    Mongolia
Project:    Creating Strategic Planning Capability: “Best” at Sain International

Participant:    ClearThink™ Group
Client:    Town of Sylvan Lake
Country:    Canada
Project:    ClearThink ™ Business Coaching Program - Covid-19 Business Resiliency Strategy, Town of Sylvan Lake

Participant:    Xcentuate
Client:    Allianz Ireland

Country:    Ireland
Project:    Allianz Customer Model - Operational Excellence


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