ICMCI Celebrating the 2022 International Consultants Day

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In an online session on 2 June 2022 ICMCI celebrated its International Consultants Day. Robert Bodenstein, CMC®, Chair of ICMCI, launched the event with congratulating consultants around the world on their special day. The event had 200 registrants from around the globe and was focused on the Consultants of the Future

Bodenstein proceeded by introducing our theme for celebrating the event, introducing the speakers, and advancing with the agenda that covered the perspectives of both the clients and that of ICMCI.

Our Keynote speaker, Ali Badarneh, Chief Sustainable Food Systems Division at UNIDO, covered the background, goals and objectives of UNIDO, and the relationship with ICMCI for potential future cooperation.

This was followed by the ICMCI readiness for the future, whether through its update of the Competency Framework presented by Celal Seçkin, CMC®, chair of the Professional Standards Committee, as he described the framework which keeps in mind the current unpredictable environment and how consultants of the future could be ready by gaining their Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) designation based on the updated framework, or through the Future of Management Consultancy presented by Gergana Mantarkova, the board director managing the work of this initiative to cover six main streams relating to the professional standards, skills and capabilities, new business models, client needs, information technologies, and the future of work through engaging with the ICMCI network and beyond.

The event progressed with launching the National Consulting Index (NCI), which is the means of determining the strength of a national management consulting sector, relative to other countries. The NCI aims at developing a tool to determine the potential market size for management consultancy services in member countries, as well as providing member institutes with a tool that allows them to promote the profession to governments and stakeholders nationally. This was presented by Alan Blackman ®, board director, who also launched the continuing work through a survey that will assist the taskforce in finalizing each country’s index.

The last session concluded the discussion by addressing the market itself and focused on the evolvement of the oil producing countries, namely the GCC and MENA region and how this will require a sustained commitment and a partnering approach between major consultancies and boutique consultancies to enable oil producing countries rebalance their economies away from dependency on oil and gas. This was shared with the audience by Dr Graham Manville, CMC®-AF of ICMCI, and an Associate Professor of Zayed University, UAE.

The full list of presentations can be found HERE, as well as the VIDEOS Playlist for our visual audience.

About the ICD

The International Consultants Day was announced by ICMCI back in 2005 to fall on the first Thursday of June and to be celebrated thereon annually in recognition of the achievements and contributions of management consultants worldwide.

About the ICMCI 

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI or CMC-Global) is an international membership organisation and a network of management advisory and consultancy associations and institutes worldwide which have a common purpose and shared values and goals. ICMCI is the leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success by building the profile, recognition and influence of the profession and its practitioners globally.