In an online session on 2 June 2022 ICMCI celebrated its International Consultants Day. Robert Bodenstein, CMC®, Chair of ICMCI, launched the event with congratulating consultants around the world on their special day. The event had 200 registrants from around the globe and was focused on the Consultants of the Future

The event presentations according to the agenda are as follows:

1. Keynote Speaker -  Ali Badarneh - UNIDO

2. ICMCI's Future Readiness:
- Competency Framework - Celal Seckin, CMC®
- Future of Consultancy Initiative - Gergana Mantarkova

3. NCI 2022 Launch: Alan Blackman, CMC® & Tamara Abdel-Jaber, CMC®

4. Business Challenges: Oil Countries and the New Economies; an insight into the future - Dr. Graham Manville, CMC®