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Institute Name: Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers 

Date of Foundation: 1981 

Date of ICMCI Membership: 1995

Type of Membership: Full Member


  • The IMCA will be considered the first and most essential membership by business consulting and advisory professionals in Ireland.
  • The CMC standard will be the recognised standard for consulting excellence in Ireland and will be increasingly demanded by key procurers of consulting services.
  • The Institute will offer a wide range of member events including CPD programmes, seminars and flagship events. Its networking, business development support and financial benefits will be highly valued by members.
  • IMCA will have a high national profile and be a voice of authority on business issues. It will have a substantial online presence making extensive use of the latest communications technologies.

Mission: Our mission is to foster and promote the value, quality and benefits of business consulting and advisory services in Ireland. We achieve this by establishing, supporting and measuring quality standards, by representing and supporting the profession, and by promoting the value and benefits delivered to clients.

Main Goals: Our principal objective is to advance the professions of management consultancy by establishing and maintaining the highest standards of performance and conduct by our members, and by promoting the knowledge and skills required for that purpose. Objectives set out in the current year’s Action Plan are to:

  • Clarify the Value Proposition that IMCA uses in promotion
  • Increase ACP and individual / RCP membership
  • Run a limited number of compelling, well attended events
  • Facilitate member collaboration, particularly in business development
  • Promote the IMCA Client Enquiry Service to potential users
  • Enhance the IMCA CPD offering to support all stages of member careers
  • Get younger consultants more involved with IMCA
  • Create better engagement between Board and members
  • Increase awareness of the IMCA with external stakeholders
  • Initiate a three-yearly recertification of CMCs
  • Maintain involvement with the international ICMCI network
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement in the IMCA Board


Tel: +353 3877628215


Visiting Address: Unit 9 Bailey House, The Courtyard, Fonthill Business Park, Dublin 22  D22 XK59, Ireland 

Head Staff Person: Patrick Downes, Executive Director

Chair: Pat Downes


  • Patrick Downes