A Tribute to an Icon

Volunteering with ICMCI is about passion, commitment, and wanting to give back to the community.

Sorin Caian just finished his term as Immediate Past Chair and Chair of the Nominations and Succession Planning Committee, having served over 11 years with ICMCI starting with the breakthrough strategy when it first materialized in 2010.

The drive, the passion, the commitment, and the relevance were apparent in any role he carried, whether it being chair of the committee looking into the governance of ICMCI, or the role of Membership Committee Chair, or the role of the Euro Hub Chair, Board Director, Treasurer, Chair of ICMCI, or as Immediate Past Chair and his role at NSPC along with the efforts he put in Marketing and the CMC-Firm.

All those roles left an impact that will stay with ICMCI for a long time, he carries his CMC with pride and even came up with the term that we all use: “Our CMC is the Jewel in the Crown”.

Thank you Sorin for all those years, thank you for the continued support to our community that we know will not stop, and thank you for the passion that you made contagious during your Collaborative Approach meetings with all IMCs during your chairmanship, you for sure are a major wave that helped the tide in raising all boats (IMCs) in order to raise the professionalism of Management Consulting world-wide.