Time of Change

Looking back at more than 15 years of active involvement in the ICMCI business, I can say that the NSPC (Nominations and Succession Planning Committee) is the structure which can influence the future of the organization the most, even if sometimes the link is not immediately seen. 

The Committee’s main role is to identify and encourage all talents around the organization and mobilize them to contribute to the life of our professional organization. Becoming the voice of the profession, as the global organization is envisioning, requires support from all its members as well as a wide participation of management consultants from all zones.

Together with my colleagues and friends at NSPC, we have focused our efforts to share the mission and vision with all our members that are willing to contribute to the life of the organization, clearly stating that we want volunteers offering their time and resources to the advancement of the management consulting profession as well as to the ICMCI. Being a member of the Board or in one of our working committees is not a reward or a recognition, but a commitment to work and serve for the benefit of all the management consulting community.

The pandemic times made our mission more difficult, since we could not have the face-to-face meeting opportunities, but we have used all possibilities to meet more people, understand their abilities and interest, and attract them to the activities of ICMCI, and spotting more talents to attract around our mission to develop the organization as well as the profession and its recognition.

Getting to the end of my mandate, as Immediate Past Chair and Chair of NSPC, I realize how important was the team that I had the chance to be part of, the fact that we realized from the very beginning that the committee works all the time not only before the annual meeting in preparing for the election process, and that each member should send the same message in order to leverage the joint effort for completing our mission successfully. The role of the committee in spreading across the organization the strategy, the general objectives, and targets, as designed by the Board was extremely valuable and I am proud to say that the committee did that very well!  

Now is time to change, a new Chair will lead the NSPC, and I cannot stop myself getting a little emotional, but I am sure that the seeds planted in years will grow and that the NSPC Team will continue to serve ICMCI, ensuring its growth and elevating the reputation of management consulting, for the benefit of our members and, as our vision states, as a global profession that drives social and economic success! 

And we all will be happy to proudly say: I have made my contribution to that!

Sorin Caian, CMC®

NSPC Chair 2018-2021