Think about the Impact your Partnership Creates

ICMCI was part of the partnership of the mentorship program for the University of Toronto. This semester, it was related to the Management Consulting for Engineers course with a topic of “Investigate the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Management Consulting Industry”. The aim of this partnership is to meet professionals with students; today’s leaders with leaders of tomorrow.

The project aimed to investigate the implications of AI upon various legislated professions and specifically its effect and applications in Management Consulting. While there are tremendous opportunities in many areas, this team focused on Accounting and Finance, Healthcare, Legal, and Operations Management, along with Management Consulting.

In the period of transformation, innovation, and disruptive technologies, I was one of the guests to provide insight as a Certified Digital Consultant to help the students with their project. Coming from an IMC (BCC) that provides specific training in Certified Digital Transformation, IT Security &Data Protection, and eCommerce & Social- Media, with the latest trends, tools, hacks, resources to support the students with the project, my insights were that sometimes the simplest of reinventions - for example, re-thinking how you notice and act on new trends - can have the biggest influence. AI will not replace management consultants, but it will transform and empower our profession as it provides ready-made analysis to assist in better implementation. The ability to transform with power, speed and consistent results is incredibly needed on the market right now - and that demand will only grow in the future.

We have witnessed the time during COVID where digitalization has brought the need to involve more consultants, especially for the strategic planning and implementation of projects. It’s the same in the healthcare industry. AI is helping nurses do a better job at monitoring patients. It is helping physicians and doctors do a better job with diagnosis and prescription.

AI is more a complimentary service to the consulting industry rather than a threat. With the help of AI, even the business decision-making process is easier as AI helps with report generation and data analysis.

This edition emphasizes the preparations for the Annual Meeting of Delegates which is taking place on October 14th, the ICMCI Monthly Chair update and open discussions taking place on September 9th, an article from Dwight Mihalicz where he writes about the role of performance improvement and evolution of the industry, and a note “Time of change” from Sorin Caian 2018-2021 Chair of the NSPC Committee. 

There are also two announcements from IMC USA: a virtual program Consult - Con 2021, taking place on November 5 & 6 to honor the unique Lifetime Contribution accolade, and a panel on the rising trend of global consulting opportunities.

And the Association of Association Executives, the announcement of the Association Leaders Symposium taking place on December 6 and 7 will provide an opportunity for the Executive Director and their Chair / President to define annual priorities and work better together.

Constantinus International Award 2021 Nominees- The award ceremony will take place on October 13th, 2021, in virtual form, event details will be announced, and we welcome all to join us in celebrating our winners!

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Jehona Lluka, CMC®

ICMCI Board Director | CMC-Today -Editor