Date and time: 22 June @ 13:00 UTC
Duration: 90 minutes

Technology, the great enabler of our times, is opening up new horizons for clients and consultants alike. New capabilities make it possible to do things that were unthought of before.

It is important to embrace the pace of change and this is why the new ICMCI webinar will take a deep dive into how the manner of doing consulting work is evolving.

Join in on 22 June for a special online roundtable with Christopher Harper CMC, Dr. Stephen Louis CMC, Hadis Nazari, Mohammadreza Mahmoodi and Bob Hruska moderated by ICMCI Chair Robert Bodenstein CMC.    

• The changing nature of client relationships
• Tech innovation: where to next and how
• Laying the foundations to transform

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear insights and real-life examples from experienced professionals in consulting and technology.

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About the Speakers 

Bob Hruska is a global consultant, speaker and trainer with over twenty years of experience in software and systems engineering. He is currently Principal Consultant at Sparx Systems Central Europe. He helps customers to deliver business value from software development processes at an executive level by providing pragmatic solutions to boost the likelihood of successful product delivery.

Christopher Harper CMC is the Senior Director Digital Business Transformation with Online Business Systems, working with a North American team to bring about a more secure and effective enterprises through the definition of strategies that enable organizations to realize their full digital potential. Through his graduate research on digital transformation and strategy, and as an instructor at the University of Calgary, he helps clients optimally achieve their desired outcomes from technological investments.

Hadis Nazari is CEO of founder of HAAMI Digital Consultancy, the first digital transformation consultancy in Iran. In her work, she strives to create long-term value through data-driven processes and to leverage digital transformation by creating the digital ecosystem. She also works hard for the social welfare and independence of women in the field of technology and health in Iran. So far, she has supervised more than 350 teenage girls and young women under the auspices of the company’s empowerment centre to be trained in specialized academies.

Mohammadreza Mahmoodi is Chair and founder of HAAMI Digital Consultancy, the first digital transformation consultancy in Iran. He has vast experience working in the management consulting industry being skilled in digital transformation, digital strategy, business development, data-driven solutions, marketing, and digitalization. Mohammadreza has been leading and consulting on more than 50 projects in various industries in the Middle East and North Africa region. He is the only representative of young men in Iran in the UN World Program for Young and Future Leaders.

Dr Stephen Louis CMC is an ICT and Management Consultant with over 35 years of experience. He is Managing Director of BusinessTech Research, Inc., a St Lucia-based consulting firm which he founded in 2001. The firm’s services cover strategic, operational and technical assistance to businesses and other organizations that aim to maximize the benefits derived from use of ICT. Stephen has held a number of senior positions in both the public and private sectors, and has conducted consulting assignments, both within and outside the Caribbean. 


About the moderator

Robert Bodenstein was elected Chair of the ICMCI in 2021. As a management consultant, he specializes in strategy and IT. As a member of the board of funding organizations, he has evaluated more than 850 IT projects, mostly with cutting edge technology background. He has worked in industries like tourism, trade and IT in Europe, Middle East and Asia.


About the Future of Management Consultancy

Combining a series of events, discussions and publications, the ICMCI Future of Management Consultancy initiative strives to promote the global conversation about the future of the profession towards developing a common vision to help and inspire consultants all over the world.

Designed as an “open source” and inclusive platform, the Future of Management Consultancy is an opportunity to seek answers to pressing questions and to encourage interactive communication and joint idea generation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 - 13:00 to 14:30