By Dwight Mihalicz – Treasurer

At our Congress (now called Annual Meeting of Delegates) in Noordwijk last year, a one-time increase was approved for our 2105-16 budget to finance our global operations. This was an important decision, as we are now moving from strategy development stage to strategy execution. The many programs and services developed over the past few years are tread for implementation. This takes time and energy that is thankfully provided by volunteers. But it also takes financial resources.
The federation of IMCs that forms the global network is supported at its centre by CMC-Global. To enable this, IMC Members share the cost of the global operations. But as our ambitions grow, so does the need for financial support. At the same time the budget was approved, the Task Force for Strategic Funding was established with a mandate of determining how CMC-Global would be financed if it were formed to-day. As Treasurer, it was my honour to chair this Task Force.
The Task Force members worked hard over the last year to come up with a series of 30 recommendations on the funding of CMC-Global. I am very excited to discuss this report and its implications with Delegates at the Annual Meeting to be held in Toronto in October. The report will soon be distributed to all IMCs and their Delegates. You can see the Executive Summary of the report by following this link.
ICMCI C'tee Updates - CMC Global Task Force on Strategic Funding
Thank you to the Task Force members for their hard work, and to all IMCs that participated in the consultation phases.