TAKE 2023

TAKE 2023 – A report of the organizer, Prof. Eduardo Tomé and the ICMCI Academic Fellows, Dr. Ilse Ennsfellner and Dr. Alvin Oh

TAKE 2023 was a gathering of academics and other professions to discuss current topics to improve science, the economy and society. Contributions on Ethics and Sustainability in management consulting were given by ICMCI Academic Fellows

TAKE 2023 was the seventh edition of Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy, the Multidisciplinary Conference on Intangibles, and was held Sopot Academy of Applied Sciences and Gdansk University of Technology, between the 28th and the 30th June of 2023. During 3 days, 70 participants from 15 countries debated 50 papers in presence and in hybrid form, on the current situation on the science of intangibles, having always in mind the relationship between theory and practice. 

Dr. Ilse Ennsfellner, ICMCI Academic Fellow and Speaker proEthik AUSTRIA presented the topic “Excellence in Management Consulting: Viewpoint on Ethics and Responsibilities in the Client-Consultant-Relationship” and chaired the sessions related to modern human aspects. 

Management consulting is a relationship-based, highly sensitive and very demanding service related to competences and professionalism in order to achieve (ESG-) responsible deliverables and outcomes. Ethical considerations are primarily important to understand values and professional conduct in consulting assignments – of all parties involved, i. e. the consultant, the client and stakeholders. In doing so, ethics is facilitating decisions on par with the partners. Moreover, ethical values and guidelines set the basis for an effective discourse, profound stakeholder engagement and commitment as well as managing possible conflicts of interest – and thus enable high performance in a client-consultant relationship.

Alvin S.B. Oh, PhD; DLM h.c., ICMCI Academic Fellow and ICF Certified Professional Coach speaks regularly at conferences and seminars on topics related to ‘Leadership & Management’, especially on ‘Learning & Organizational Development, Talent Management & Development’. At the TAKE conference, he presented the topic “Managing Change in Post Covid Pandemic of the New World Order” where he examines why and how Management Consultants need to adopt different forms of behavioral psychology in order to engage clients more effectively to understand their needs and empower them to map out strategies towards impactful solutions. 
Having a profound understanding and acquiring the deeply rooted knowledge, skills and attitudes on corporate social responsibilities, values, belief systems, mental models and the psychological landscape are needed on how they can be woven into the social and cultural fabric of an organization as this will determine the quality of strategic thinking, tactical implementation and technical excellence from vision to execution. 

Overall, it was a great success to meet people from different places in the world, sharing opinions and experiences with them and to make use of the learnings in our professional daily life. 

The organizer of TAKE, Prof. Eduardo Tomé announces that in 2024 TAKE will occur in Lisbon, during the first week of July, and we hope to welcome many ICMCI members because we think they provide an unique insight into the relationship between theory and practice, which in fact, is the basis of TAKE itself. In this context a specific practitioner’s stream will be developed.