Possibilities for digitalisation of consulting services and the role of digital leaders

Hadis Nazari, CEO, and Mohammadreza Mahmoodi, Chair, HAAMI Digital Consultancy

The changes in the manner of work driven by technology were in the spotlight of an online discussion on Tech Innovation in Consulting on 22 June 2022 as part of the ICMCI Future of Management Consultancy initiative. The roundtable brought together Christopher Harper CMC, Dr. Stephen Louis CMC, Hadis Nazari, Mohammadreza Mahmoodi and Bob Hruska and was moderated by ICMCI Chair Robert Bodenstein CMC.     

Hadis Nazari, CEO, and Mohammadreza Mahmoodi, Chair, of Iran-based HAAMI Digital Consultancy outlined aspects of the possibilities for digitalisation of consulting services and the role of digital leaders.

Ms. Nazari highlighted the data-driven approaches and the importance of leaders as experience shows that the missing link in value creation is the effective presence of leaders. The approach a leader takes, regardless of complexity, reputation, and credibility, should facilitate the relationship between consultants and clients.

Digital transformation and the digital leadership approach are about bridging the gaps between consultants, clients, consulting services and new technologies. Management consulting companies interested in using innovation technology need to start by assessing the current situation and assets, including the reality of processes, strategic planning and internal environment. Based on the needs assessment and a view of the client processes, they should use technology to make them more productive.  

Mr. Mahmoodi discussed opportunities and risks related to the virtualization of services. The benefits of the process include: 

  • Saving costs
  • Speed in providing and implementing solutions
  • Better answer to health concerns 
  • Maximizing flexibility
  • Enhanced customization of services

The risks associated with the virtualization of services encompass:

  • Fear of less or ineffective impact
  • Losing trust and hard work to establish a trust
  • Reducing growth opportunities with regard to organizational development and upskilling

Based on the experience of HAAMI Digital Consultancy, the critical elements to take into account when considering virtualization are:

  • Employer or Client: their experience and openness, the complexity of the issues they have, their level of stress, urgency, and their approach to trust.
  • Consulting provider (consulting firm or freelancer): their expertise in providing virtualized services, organizational culture, levels of interaction and collaboration, and their approach to project management
  • Consulting project (the service or solution): Complexity, urgency, deliverables, type of projects for example public vs. private sector, short term vs. long term.

It would thus be more straightforward to virtualize services such as maturity assessment, strategic planning, and road mapping while change management and implementation require more interactions in person.

For more from Hadis Nazari and Mohammadreza Mahmoodi, please check out this video

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About the speakers

Hadis Nazari is CEO and founder of HAAMI Digital Consultancy, the first digital transformation consultancy in Iran. In her work, she strives to create long-term value through data-driven processes and to leverage digital transformation by creating the digital ecosystem. She also works hard for the social welfare and independence of women in the field of technology and health in Iran.


Mohammadreza Mahmoodi is Chair and founder of HAAMI Digital Consultancy, the first digital transformation consultancy in Iran. He has vast experience working in the management consulting industry being skilled in digital transformation, digital strategy, business development, data-driven solutions, marketing, and digitalization.

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