Performant Relations Between Public and Private Sectors, Government, Communities and Media Imply E-Societal Management. A Synthetic Point of View
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The present societies ( e.g. countries) are dynamic and complex dynamic socio-economic systems (SESc) due to: (i) the accelerated technologic and technical progress, (ii) the aggressions on the environment (e.g. pollution, growing consumption of non-renewable natural non-biological resources and over-consumption of the biological natural resources i.e. exceeding their automatic reproduction capacity ). Life implies metabolism; reproduction and finite lifecycles and other automatic processes, such as trophic chains, genetic adaptation and also attack or defend individual or species. Cosmos transmits on Terra radiant energy (cycles) and asteroids (stochastic impacts). Terra provides other cycles (e.g. air, water, climate) and impacts (e.g. seismic stochastic eruptions) and also land, underground or submarine deposits and underground thermal water. Terra also protects life (e.g. magnetic field and ozone layer).

It follows, that mankind is supported by rather many layered automatic cyclic processes and also impacts. It has the capacity to identify the environment, to understand via models validated by experience, to communicate and produce artifacts. They can organize and manage their education and activities (including building civilization, science, production and servicing artifacts (including domestic animals, cultivated vegetables, improving their results). Production of artifacts generated trade and economy, first using high value metals before coins and paper money, banking etc. They can also damage the supporting layers e.g. by over-consumption and pollution. They have also the ownership instinct, which may generate fight or war. They also organized specialized communities. Since ~ 70 years they produced nuclear mass destruction weapons; They posses also the need for information.  


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