Message from AFMO

The plague of the new coronavirus infection has become a global scale, directly and indirectly affecting Japan's industrial activities, and is now, of course, overshadowed in the future.  
We are well aware that all of you, our members, our certified Consultants/ Instructors, and all the people involved, feel a sense of embarrassment every day.  

In this situation, it is believed that the time is coming close for you to show your wisdom and the true essence of “innovative consulting” for wide range of industries and companies with deep research and analysis. Needless to say, after the plague has passed, companies should expect to recover their performance and improve their operations with maximum efficiency.  

In addition, in response to this disaster, which hit the end of the fiscal year and the beginning of the fiscal year, many companies have deprived of opportunities for education and training. New employees who may suddenly be assigned to the workplace without adequate "new employee training" or new managers who may immediately be required leadership and maximum efficiency under these circumstances. Likewise, for any level of occupation, training and educational support will be required in the future with a different density and content from the one you might had provided so far.  

Moreover, many conferences, exhibitions and events are now forced to be canceled or postponed. We know that the greater the hard work you have in preparing, the more you feel the loss.  However, while enduring the self-imposed mood, we must prepare a mechanism to cheer up those involved and restore industrial vitality.  

There is still no way to get a firm answer to the situation far beyond the current imagination. However, after your future actions, a new path will be created.  We would like to take on the cherry-colored tailwind that is just opening up, and we will continue to provide as much support as possible for everyone's leap and success.  

I sincerely hope that we can move on to the next stage with care for your health so that our industry will develop more than ever,  

                                    Spring, 2020
                    All Japan Federations of Management Organizations


March 24, 2020 Photo taken in Tokyo

We have sent out this massage with the picture at the end of March. The situation under which we are forced to stay may vary region by region but we sincerely hoped the exit will come soon.

Since the mid of April, we have started asking how our members manage this period so that we can show it on our website as a kind of “success story”. Some say they are busy in preparing “remote educational program”, and some say they had won some consulting issues regarding subsidies.

We, AFMO is also forced to stay home and work under limited infrastructure but we conduct these activities these days.

Hope this massage could meet what you have asked.

Mr. MASUNAGA Mitsunori
All Japan Federations of Management Organizations (AFMO)