Marketing & Advocacy Committee (MAC) – April 2017 Update

Our committee is currently working on several initiatives, each of which is part of our MAC 2020 Strategic Plan and the 2017-18 Strategic Plan of the Board. These include:

  1. CMC Today Newsletter & 5th Annual CMC International Conference
  2. Worldwide CMC Identity Campaign
  3. CMC-Global Social Media – LinkedIn and Facebook and other.
  4. CMC-Global Website & CMC Designation/Service Marketing Materials


  1. CMC Today & CMC-Global Annual Conference  

We are working to enhance the CMC involvement and engagement across the global network of CMC’s to drive up the number of eyeballs that come to the CMC-Global website & participation # with the annual conference. These are important vehicles to:

  • Showcase the wisdom, experience & leading-edge quality of our CMC community to the bigger world, to potential sponsors and possibly even clients of CMC’s.
  • Allow for individual CMC’s to share their leading edge thinking or achievements or research to their colleagues
  • Build “value” to potential sponsors or advertisers.
  • Share successes and initiative examples amongst IMC’s to help grow the success of our member IMC’s.

The Bi-monthly issue of CMC Today really relies on the world wide community of CMC’s & IMC Leaders to submit insightful and practical articles. And we wish to encourage even more contribution and participation from our CMC’s & IMC’s to this vehicle. 

We would also request that each IMC forward the bi-monthly CMC Today to each of their active members as soon as it comes to you!

The Annual CMC International Conference is a huge opportunity for CMC’s and IMC leaders to:

  • Accomplish some professional development for themselves;
  • Build a stronger understanding of the state of consulting in various other countries;
  • Network and expand/energize your relationships with other CMC Leaders in the world – this might also lead to some collaborative initiatives together!

We would ask all IMC’s to spread the word about the Annual Conference and promote it to your members!

  1. Worldwide CMC Identity Campaign 2017  

The #1 request that IMC’s give to us at CMC-Global is to raise the profile and understanding of the CMC designation around the world! In addition to the efforts in #1 above; our MAC is now working on the development of a 2017 Worldwide CMC Identity-raising Campaign.

Unfortunately, populating our committee with members from the various IMC’s took a lengthy time this year, so we became constituted as a committee a little late. This has prevented us from having a full campaign ready to June 1st 2017. However, we will engage with the IMC’s to kick-off our 2017 campaign with some campaign messaging for June 1 International Management Consulting Day.

The full 2017 campaign will then roll out through the next few months thereafter.

IMC’s will be the implementation arm of this initiative, with CMC-Global providing the templates and design and English-language elements for you to work with and adapt locally. We will also develop a “kit” to provide some ideas and examples of how the campaign elements could be used at the country and CMC-holder levels.

More will follow soon!

  1. We currently have over 2500 CMC & Non-CMC members of our CMC-Global LinkedIn group. We also have about 300 members of our CMC-Global Facebook group.

We aspire to engage management consultants in sharing world-leading knowledge and consulting initiatives, to build a sense of community amongst CMC’s and encourage non-CMC consultants to commit to pursuing their CMC designation.

Join us, and please encourage your CMC colleagues to join as well.
Then ensure your settings notify you when people post to this group! 
Come back often to comment, ask Q’s to your colleagues, and post your own insights!

  1. CMC-Global Website is continuously being worked upon. We are now building out the content and elements in Phase 2 of our plan. Included in Phase 2 are:
  • Promotional and IMC “Kits” for each of CMC-Global Services & Designations
  • CMC-Global Committee protected discussion sites
  • Case Examples of leading CMC’s and Client initiatives/impact
  • IMC leaders & delegates reference materials