Mr. Jack YAO (Xin YAO) – China
Chair, ISO/TC 342(Management consultancy)
Secretary-General, CCOIC Commercial Chamber
Secretary-General, CAS Trade in Services Branch
Secretary-General, CCPIT Commercial Sub-council
President, Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB)
1st Vice President, Asia Marketing Federation (AMF)

Mr. Xin YAO (Jack YAO), Certified Management Consultant (CMC®), Certified Professional Marketer (CPM-Asia), graduated with MBA in Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, now serves as Secretary-General of China Chamber of International Commerce(CCOIC) Commercial Chamber, Secretary-General of China Association for Standardization (CAS) Trade in Services Branch, and Secretary-General of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Commercial Sub-council. He was elected as the 1st Vice President of Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) in 2020 and was elected as the President of Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB) in 2021. In May 2023, he was appointed by ISO as the Chair of ISO/TC 342(Management consultancy) for the term from year 2023-2028.
In 2017, he initiated the China Forum on Standardization of Trade in Services (CFSTS), a unique event in China to promote service standards. CFSTS has been held each year for six consecutive years.
He has 18 years of experience in service and management standardization. He is convenor in several technical committees of ISO as follows:
1. Convenor, ISO/TC 228/WG19 “Online travel agency (OTA)”
2. Convenor, ISO/TC 228/WG20 “Exhibition and convention”
3. Convenor, ISO/TC 232/JWG 9 "Joint ISO/TC 232 - ISO/TC 260 WG: Internship"
4. Convenor, ISO/TC 286/AHG1 “CBRM in the service sector”
5. Convenor, ISO/TC 286/WG4 “University business collaboration”
6. Convenor, ISO/TC 309/AG1 “Communication and engagement”
7. Convenor, ISO/TC 324/TG2 “Communication and engagement”
8. Convenor, ISO/TC 324/WG3 “Provider verification”

And he is also the Project Leader (PL) of following ISO deliverables:
1. PL, ISO/IWA 36 Guidelines for contactless delivery services
2. PL, ISO/IWA 40 Guidelines for virtual kitchen services
3. PL, ISO/TS 42502 Sharing economy - Guidance for provider verification on digital platform
4. PL, ISO/WD 9468 Tourism and related services — Online travel agency (OTA) — Guidelines for online accommodation booking platform services
5. PL, ISO/WD 25639-1 Exhibitions, shows, fairs and conventions — Part 1: Vocabulary
6. PL, ISO/WD TS 44006 Collaborative business relationship management — Guidelines for university business collaboration
7. PL, ISO/AWI IWA 41 Guidelines for live streaming marketing service
8. PL, ISO/AWI TR 42504 Sharing economy — Illustrative examples of provider verification on digital platforms
9. PL, ISO/PWI 18981 Tourism and related services — Restaurants — Guidelines for buffet design and services
10. PL, ISO/PWI 18982 Tourism and related services — Sustainable tourism — Good Practices for implementing fundamental principles of sustainable tourism in tourism destinations
11. PL, ISO/PWI 18463 Tourism and related services — Online travel agency (OTA) — Vocabulary
12. PL, ISO/PWI 42505 Sharing economy — Shared manufacturing concepts and models
13. PL, ISO/PWI 32121 Transaction assurance in e-commerce – Terms of use
14. PL, ISO/PWI 44008 Collaborative business relationship management — Guidelines for trade promotion organization (TPO) and national standards body (NSB) collaboration
15. PL, ISO/PWI 44009 Collaborative business relationship management – University and business collaboration (UBC) – Vocabulary
16. PL, ISO/PWI TR 20194 Digital trade –Basic concepts and key initiatives